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Listening to Jim Byrnes this cold spring afternoon and surfing the 'net brought me to this... and made my heart ache in a rather pleasant way. I really hope there'll be another Hl con (preferably in europe) that I can manage to attend (this March was really a no-go, on account of me spending all th money I did not have for professional continuing education, and the dates overlapped too). And, well, no matter what. Highlander - still totally the awesomest fandom. You never forget your first;)
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Tell me that there is Scherlock Holmes/John Watson/Irene Adler OT3 fics out there? Pretty pretty please? *grabby hands* Um, with Irene on top?

(Watching BBC Sherlock 201. Also, I adore Irene Adler.)
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Well, the year is drawing to a close, there's three days off work ahead of me and there's even some snow dusting the ground...

I plan to do nothing but sleep and eat good food and read - especially all the wonderful stories posted at [ profile] hlh_shortcuts (and I've had a most wonderful gift filled with Amanda and glee and romance and captivating plot and yay!) and then sleep some more. And not think about unpleasant things for a while. And visit Granny in the hospital on Monday.

So, happy whatever-holidays-or-other-kinds-of-days to all of you - and may again the days get longer, and may those days be better than the ones before:)
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a)I love them all soo damn much.
b)I have this weird hankering for Amanda/Joe stories, of a mischief-shared-good-buddy kind, possibly with a bit of friendly sex included as a cherry on top:).
c)I still have and probably always will have a massive crush on Amanda. And possibly a teensy-tiny one on Liz Gracen.
...this brought to you by exhaustion after a blue Monday and an endless coming-not-coming-down with something, and a glass of red wine.
Also, I always sporfle at the funny tagline our local channel advertises the Highlander reruns with - translated, it goes roughly like this: "Duncan is the only guy in the world who will see the Bold and the Beautiful from the start to the finish!".
ETA: Amanda and Duncan are also very very nice together.
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So, for some inexplicable reason it seems recently I might be having a bit more energy left over from essentials than for a long, long time. It might even lead to increased probability of an actual interaction with the world in some areas previously neglected, like posting, and perhaps commenting and...
Yesterday, came home from work, tried to have a nap, and people kept phoning me. Extremely vexing. So, I got up and in protest, went out to listen to a small but enjoyable public reading of a chapter from the Return of the King in a bookstore. Mmm, it made me realize it has been ages since I last re-read Tolkien (*gasp* maybe even longer than a year or two) *eyes bookshelf greedily*. And then I ended up in the cinema and watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo )
And now I have today off, and it seems actually that spring is slowly arriving - it is sunny outside and the temperatures are keeping above 0 C during the daytime. Of course, here and now 'spring' means that everything is covered with either a)piles of dirty snow, b)mud, water and mixture of both or c)very slippery ice, but still, sun. And the tits have been determinedly optimistic for weeks now, so I guess they should know. (By 'tits' I mean the feathered, bird-y kind, not a random collection of boobs. Though, maybe boobs are optimistic too, it's not as if I can tell with strange ones as they're all covered up as appropriate for the weather, and it's never easy to tell with my own, they're secretive about their moods.)
Mmmm, it's noon and I'm having coffee and need to go nowhere. Except perhaps back to bed. That might even mitigate the knowledge of the nameless horror that lies ahead a.k.a. the monstrous soulkilling farce named ironically 'daylight saving time'. Bah. I shall firmly decline to rant on the topic of that disaster and instead, will have a nice nap. And then read.
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Edited to put possible (very mild)spoilery squee under the cut.

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Aug. 15th, 2007 02:58 pm
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After a freaking week of forcefeeding, the suicide!drama!cat Mynock started eating by her bastard self today. I hope it lasts *crosses fingers*. *mutters* " Never let a cat die without cortizone!" is a profound wisdom indeed.
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Today I managed to flit by the post office, and there was a package! For meeee!!! Thank you, [ profile] ceruleancat and [ profile] sparklebutch!!! *hugs and smooches* I like you too. You know. A lot. *hugs*
Also, my dog thought the contents were for him and begged very nicely. Probably because of the doggy heads *grins*.
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Oh, suckage. Saturday brought 'flu, amongst other things. I don't think I've had that high a temp for, like, last 4 years. Ungh. I'm usually a low fever type and anything over 38 C makes me curl up in a corner and feel like half-dying. Well, when I got home from being a timekeeper on local agility competition on Saturday evening, I discovered to my 'delight' that I had a fever of ca 39 C....and spent considerable time under a hot shower with my teeth chattering before I was able to take some paracetamol and crawl to bed. I did manage to put up the new [ profile] highlander100 challenge though, so yay! me.
Now, after 4 days at home I've kinda settled into a pattern - sleep late, putter around, drink insane amounts of honeyed tea, after dinner as fever approaches 38 again drink some Coldrex and therefore feel better in the evening, with a brief respite from the fever. Seems like this might actually be a 'flu, not just any other random upper respiratory ailment:S. I probably got it from a colleague and as far as I know, there is a wave of an illness with similar symptoms going over the whole damn country. Will have doctors appointment on Thursday, but doubt I'll be able to get back to work before mid-next week.
The last time I had a fever that high, it went on into something approaching a pneumonia and after that, a myocarditis. Of course, at that time I was stupid enough to go back to work too early...something I try not to do this time. It might sound surprising, but I actually try not to repeat unpleasant mistakes*gg*.
So, I'll just lie back and watch Holby City eps that I haven't had time for before...while waiting for that "Russian" version of one certain movie *g* to get here. Dan Clifford is a wonderfully interesting character, I must say. And while he is not acting like the Methos we know very often, for some reason I could still very well see Methos acting as Dan Clifford..if it makes sense g*.
Wish I'd cough less though. Diaphragm hurts. Ow.
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Firstly, if you already haven't done that, please take a moment to fill out [ profile] ceruleancat's third lingustics poll.
In other news, it seems nothing happens halfway lately. I was bored out of my mind on sick leave, now I have work up to my ears and rising. The weather acted like it was early autumn and we'd be in UK, not Baltics. Now, it's ca -20 outside and dropping. The only thing that hasn't changed is the constant desire to sleep. Especially during the day.
I apologise for not being around much, I owe responses to comments and I have not had time to really squee over the porn battle or anything. It is highly likely I will be hampered by RL at least until the middle of February. I promise, I have not forgotten that I owe people's just on hold. Sorry. I haven't even had the strength left to redo my userpics:)
NCIS provides good distraction - it is something I can keep track easily while doing something on the side (multitasking is Cali's middle name. or something). It's like comfort food. (Also, how weird is it to find a show where I like ALL the characters??Well, of course not totally equally, but still.) Sadly, Buffy will have to wait for when I'm more 'together'. Hopefully, soon.
And then there's Supernatural ...I've dl'd the new eps, but haven't had time to watch yet...mmm, something to look forward to.
*snickers* Makes for good motivation, to get all the work done. *Cali dangles Buffy and Supernatural in front of her nose*. Heh.
So, flist, sleep, work. And work. Also, make fire. Seeing as the cold wave's supposed to last.
Hmm, maybe a meme, for distraction... )
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It's been very kind of you people to answer [ profile] ceruleancat's first, I ask you (pretty please) to fill in also the second one.

Also, in other news, I'm
a) back at work
b)accordingly tired as a dead dog
and c) sucked into NCIS (with all the ups and downs of new fandom - I adore the slashy subtext, but PLEASE...WTF...those acronyms...if I called my cat TIBBS, she'd slit my throat. Also, the age old task of having to spearate the chiseled buns and sappy love from good slash grain from the chaff.)
I'll proably surface some time in the future, when I've recovered from switching my sleeping schedule over to the (weirdly) more universally accepted type and finished with aired NCIS eps.
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Thanks to the awesome pimping powers of [ profile] sparklebutch I've been watching Buffy recently. "Halloween" was one of the niftier eps so far. Today in chat [ profile] sparklebutch mentioned a Buffy/Sentinel crossover where Ethan sold something to Blair and I asked with half of my brain active and other half just lazing around: "What, did Ethan got investigated for illegal costuming?" And immediately on the heels of that came the realisation that it'd be a rather logical (crack, most likely, but who cares) story premise to cast Ethan as one of those travelling-between-universes magic-shop-keepers from the Discworld universe (or, to use the Discworld scientific term, taberna vagantes *g*). Especially if one proscribes to the third theory for the existance of those, which postulates that they are a very clever way of sidestepping all kinds of lawas that prohibit dealing on Sundays.
The sad thing is that even if I knew Ethan well enough, I am not able to write Discworld much in the true tone of books, and though [ profile] sparklebutch has no trouble with Ethan, he claims that he only ever writes one Discworld character, and I don't really see... (well, I can see, but maybe we'll not go into the ideas about Death, Ethan and dam weir bridge). In short, there's a plot bunny embryo feebly flopping around on the table between empty beer bottles and teacups ... does anyone have some blood to offer to feed the poor creature? Seems mine is the wrong type...
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Yays, the sun will be getting up earlier and earlier every morning once more and the days will be longer by a span of a cock's stride. Happy Solstice, merry Yuletide and other assorted holiday wishes to whoever keeps to whatever tradition!
Just keep the coca-cola Santa away from me, please, I'm afraid of gigacorporative trucks full of caffeine. And there's no way you can leave the sooty thomas doll behind my door, 'cause I've done and cleaned it all up proper, yesterday already, says Cali and munches gingerbread. (Look, I don't do family-cum-cooking stuff, it's too distressing, but I can have store-bought gingerbread.)
Seems the brief snow will melt suitably for the official beginning of winter, but then, what else is new. There will likely be snow enough soon enough to get healthily sick of it before spring comes.
Happy birthday, Duncan MacLeod!
*lights candles* *mutters* Light and longer days are all very nice, it just takes bloody long before one actually sees the difference...better give the sun some help.
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There's a lot to be content about. *purrs* It's always nice to get paid for a job, even better when one can spend the money on something nice. Walked to town today - longest walk since the back surgery - felt good. (I hope the back agrees with me tomorrow, too*g*). Bought a Pratchett Discworld book I haven't read yet (very nice) and a cordless keyboard&mouse (ooh, joy of no more fretting about assorted furries getting tangled in wires). Is weird how one's priorities shift - I had the cordless keyboard on to-buy list, but one and a half months at home unable to sit down and yelling at cats and the dog to pretty goddamn please keep away from the assorted cords (see, when one cannot sit, the keyboard ON the laptop is not very comfy to use) and dragging the damn bunch with me every time I moved anywhere made me realize that I WANT IT NOW. I'm enjoying it presently. A LOT.

Then there's the fact that I am apparently able to stay up for longer than 6 hours at a stretch and actually watch stuff. The result is lots of love.

Cut for my fannish polyamory )

Also, today, there was a good movie by the title Stage Beauty. I'd say it was well worth watching.

Ooh, the world has been good to me today. Hope it keeps up this way *g*.
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Memeage. It's called distraction. Or possibly, procrastination. Or both. )
cut for personal whining )

OTOH, the Universe delivers love and happiness every day. For example, Peter Wingfield in a silver sleevless top. Dancing. In a wonderful trashy-flashy songvid to Madonna.

Plus, you know what really got me with that songvid? The green-coated docs in the surgery at first, tapping their foot to the music and doind the inappropriate hand gestures. Because, well, *snorfle* I think listening to music while doing surgery tends to be quite universal amongst human and veterinary surgeons. I cannot say anything about real life human med, but as to vets, I've kinda seen/been part of a similar scene for several times. Without the flashy costumes, sure, and only after the surgery's mostly done, but, just, the dancing in green scrubs and stripping to music was damn familiar. *snickers* It may well be of course, that I've just had the luck and joy to work with the wackiest vets in the whole world. But then, it's all to the good. *grins*

And if it turns out that the damn back thingy will be much aggravated by the office job, I'm bloody well going to go back to practice. Not because of the surgery dance possibilities *g* (I'm an internal med kinda gal myself, mostly), but because a)less sedentary work, though maybe not much less backbreaking and b)if one's body gives signals of breaking down in places, it better break down doing what's interesting and what matters. Or something.
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...or then, maybe, just enjoying the life. Weekend is coming up. I have watermelon. I'm lazily re-reading "Charioteer" (and desultorily skimming lj for appropriate fanfic). Later, I will selflessly sacrifice myselt to the altar of bad B-movies *gg* - "The Breed" is on *g*.
And I'm an affectionate, drink:) )
ETA: The Breed stream-of-conciousness ramblings:
Though all socialist female officials seem to wear thick-rimmed spectacles and I do not really like the slicked-back hair (and I do not have any high expectations of artistic merit of the movie) I must say that a fanged smile suits AP well. Yummy *g*. And the moon was pretty.
Offspring of ETA:
AP seems to have the art of patented flashback-looks down pat.
Psychiatrist Graf Orlock??? Would anyone sane make an appointment? Or anyone insane??
Silly boy, I mean, if you have to put a hand into the fire, wouldn't it make more sense to use your left hand?
Third generation bastard of ETA: Good taste in pets, but god, the clothes sense sucks. Pretty lady, though.
Ooh, do you think Aaron ever took Max to that nightclub? Max would flirt his eyes off...*imagines the consequences..drifts off..* Umm, yes, back to the movie. Move along. Nothing to see here. *gg*
Multiplicating-like-rabbits-ETA: Psychoanalysis as a prelude to sex? Or a snack? Hee. Also, nice to hear some of my nightmares aren't unique. I think.
*cough* I do keep wanting to refer to Aaron Grey as mr. Addams. *cough*
Awful Russian. Was it supposed to be Russian??
I do like AP better doing his fanged wax-statue imitation than hanging from a disguised rope spinning slowly like Charlotte somewhere though.
And so, all the heroes get screwed over...counting seconds before they bounce back and mop!
Mmm, a logical villain. Cute. Pity they're gonna off him...
An innovative use of a hand grenade, I grant him that. It must be very frustrating if someone is constantly trying to kill one's partners.
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Wheeeh, after a disappointing discovery that while I've now got BBC Prime, said channel will discontinue Holby City just when Peter Wingfield is supposed to sign I found out that Finnish YLE 1, which I can also get here, is airing Holby City on Saturdays. Of course, they're likely to be several seasons, a question to anyone who knows - which is the number of the next season to be filmed? I mean, I probably have to apply illegal means to aquire PW eps anyways, but just, maybe I can watch it like a proper law-abiding citizen...some time in the indeterminable future, at least.
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Gather ye and admire the ingenuity of [ profile] cyberducks - [ profile] theshallowpool is for squee and drooling over more *cough* carnal and sensuous aspects of our obejcts of fannish obsession interest. It's a multifandom drool-pool (Warning! bring your own bib!).
Make squeee, not hate! Wallow in the shallow! The water is warm, don't worry, and all the piranhas are familiar ones! The shallow is the new deep!
*bows to the High Priestess of Shallow [ profile] cyberducks*
*steps down from the soapbox*
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...on the HLWW7. Have just gotten back and have to leave again early in the morning to Norway, where I sincerely hope to get some 'net access...trying to catch up with things on lj while still being in a state of permanent and thorough squeee.Loved it so much that am already thinking of how to somehow make it to Vancouver in Oct 2008. So is [ profile] dresta11. A really really fabulous experience:). It was simply wonderful meeting Pat and Becky and Chris and Pattyfeidt and Helens and Hmpf and all the others...and PW and AP and RR and MT, and David Abramovitz, of course...there really aren't any words in my brain right now to adequately describe the experience. I think haven't really come down from the cloud yet *gg*. Will try for some higher level of coherence in the nearest posible future, though. And will try to get at least 3 hours of sleep before getting on a plane again.

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