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If you dislike the idea of a LJ script reporting the links you hover/click on LJ to a third party, or if overabundance of scripts tends to make browsing on your perhaps not-so-powerful computer laggy, well, then you should probably check out this post.
ETA: If anyone wants, I have seven Dreamwidth invite codes to give away - please comment below (I'll screen the comments), so I can keep track of which codes have been used up.
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...a.k.a. the current popular calendar fashion says that we can haz a new year soon an kthxbai to the old one.
2008 was mostly decent, well, the ending was kind of off, but I try to look forward to the 2009 with reasonable optimism. At least as long as the work continues to come to the clinic the way it did for the last days I'm gonna be glad - that'd mean we're going to make do.
I have gotten only halfway through SGA secret santa stories, and there is still Highlander Holiday Shortcuts and Yuletide ... Mmmmm. That makes me happy. Also, I'm off tomorrow to drive over to [ profile] dresta11's island farm with another friend. We aim to fit seven dogs into one house, cook lamb, eat, drink and be merry. And lazy. And as I'll probably have 'net access there, but maybe not so often or well as at home, I'll leave my turning-of-the-year well-wishes for you all now.
May the next year be better and happier and luckier than the last one was!
And if anyone is looking for little entertainment, I suggest you check the nature cams at Looduskalender here - they still have the wild pigs' feeding place cam that is good to check at night, and in addition there is a new cam for checking on eagles and ravens and crows feeding during the daytime. And if there is no-one around on the direct stream, there are clips on the site from interesting moments.
Lastly, there is this cute PENGWIN vid over at failblog that has a definite yay! factor. For some reason *cough* I cannot but associate penguins with a certain ... team (SGA fandom, i am looking at you!!). Well, this one is definitely Ronon!penguin.
So, um, happy new year and all.
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...with your opinion on the US presidential elections, and are not the citizen of US, go (found via tmelange)
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..just been buried in work.
Got back from the wonderfulawsomebeautifulterrific trip to Vancouver HLWW conRead more... )
So, back - and slam!dunk! back into the hamster wheel of life. For two weeks I was the busiest unemployed gal around. I mean, I'm not officially on the new job yet, but I had several translation-and-whatnot stuff to do for various firms, and when that was finished (sort of), the clinic (that WILL be opened for business on Monday) started occupying my free time...
Did some setting up of the management software for the clinic...also, um, put some lolcat macros here and there...went to the dentist and had a root tip surgery (I expect I'll look like a lopsided hamster tomorrow)...and that means that I now have a bit of time to kick back and waste time on teh intrawebs. And be very very happy to see some signs of life from [ profile] sparklebutch and [ profile] ceruleancat*hugs and smooches the intrepid movers between the continents*.
So, to make up for my lengthy absence, I'll give links to fun and TMI:
first, it doesn't need to be badfic to make you sporfle - Excitement leaped like a trout in the public trousers.. And second, via [ profile] ladycat777, this pretty pussy poll (no, it has nothing to do with cats. Why do you ask?).
In other news, I've joined [ profile] wrisomifu. It called to me *cough* - "Write Something, You Sick Fuck!" it thundered in a voice of doom. We'll se if my brain really heard...
And finally, happy Halloween/Samhain/Souls' Time/wet dark autumn/end of October-beginning of November/NaNoWriMo/whatever of your choice to everybody!!!
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This is the summary of the chat about future possibilites that could be offered by, basically, some ideas that could be good to be incorporated into some kind of a fannish hub/fannish social networking base. So, if you're interested, please check it out, comment, there will probably be another chat some time soon as far as I'm aware.
I'm interested in aforementioned project for the following reasons: I was and to a big extent, still am, basically a reader/lurker. My participation in fandom activites would likely never had come to pass if it wasn't for the LJ with it's easy comment feature and the possibility to collect people's blogs on the flist. Seeing how there are several fanmade projects in the works ([ profile] fanarchive, Scribblit, [ profile] fandom_flies etc.) and people move to different blogging services like Insanejournal or Greatestjournal or incorporate blogs within their own websites, I'm kinda confident in that authors will find their new safe spaces to display their creations. I'm interested in something that would make it easy for readers to follow them - a kind of all-in-one place that could host content, but also serve just as an address book. So, for me the squidge project sounds very appealing. What do you think?
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If you're interested in alternative outlets for fandom due to the recent strikethrough business on LJ, you could be interested in
the chat the owner of is having about the issue and some possible new services from Squidge.
Please, do read, pimp the link, participate!
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An easy-to-use way to leave information where you can be found, searchable by your LJ username is Fandom411 here.
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I'm pretty much convinced that in case of the things going belly-up for the fandom on LJ, GJ and IJ are only temporary refugees - they'd be quite likely to suffer the same kind of pressure - won't they? The idea of 'our own fannish hub' would be ideal, of course, so here's for hoping that something comes out of for example the [ profile] fanarchive project, or this, or this, or the Fanworksfinder...
I keep thinking that maybe I should duplicate all my f-lists as feeds on GJ and IJ too... only it'd be a lot of work (I use flist a lot as a bookmarking system, too, and filter it). Other people like [ profile] elke_tanzer have good linky posts on the matter. Me, I'm just grumbling under my breath and trying to keep my eyes open and my belongings packed Lj backed up, so's not to miss the train. *sigh*