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a)I love them all soo damn much.
b)I have this weird hankering for Amanda/Joe stories, of a mischief-shared-good-buddy kind, possibly with a bit of friendly sex included as a cherry on top:).
c)I still have and probably always will have a massive crush on Amanda. And possibly a teensy-tiny one on Liz Gracen.
...this brought to you by exhaustion after a blue Monday and an endless coming-not-coming-down with something, and a glass of red wine.
Also, I always sporfle at the funny tagline our local channel advertises the Highlander reruns with - translated, it goes roughly like this: "Duncan is the only guy in the world who will see the Bold and the Beautiful from the start to the finish!".
ETA: Amanda and Duncan are also very very nice together.
calime: (caffeine blessing) evidenced by sun gleaming through rampant greenery outside, bloodthirsty mosquitoes (I sing gleeful odes to the netting on the windows) and mysterious, omnious banging sounding from above the ceiling (that's actually the first-floor neighbour with his son-in-law, cleaning the chimneys, bless 'em).
I'm having a very late, very mellow Sunday morning (well, half past noon, but I just got up, Ok?) coffee and resolutely relaxing. Next few weeks are going to be hell in several ways (mostly, in ways of lots of work, not enough time, and frantically hoping to get paid in time, or at least close enough), but today is for coffee, sleep and dawdling around on the internets. Maybe I'll even get around to posting some pointless cat pics. Because cats are always good, right?
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...because I looked at THIS and thought. "Well, that is about half of the SGA stories out there..." Well, and some other fandoms, too. It is probably also one of my favourite narrative kinks:)
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If you dislike the idea of a LJ script reporting the links you hover/click on LJ to a third party, or if overabundance of scripts tends to make browsing on your perhaps not-so-powerful computer laggy, well, then you should probably check out this post.
ETA: If anyone wants, I have seven Dreamwidth invite codes to give away - please comment below (I'll screen the comments), so I can keep track of which codes have been used up.
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So, for some inexplicable reason it seems recently I might be having a bit more energy left over from essentials than for a long, long time. It might even lead to increased probability of an actual interaction with the world in some areas previously neglected, like posting, and perhaps commenting and...
Yesterday, came home from work, tried to have a nap, and people kept phoning me. Extremely vexing. So, I got up and in protest, went out to listen to a small but enjoyable public reading of a chapter from the Return of the King in a bookstore. Mmm, it made me realize it has been ages since I last re-read Tolkien (*gasp* maybe even longer than a year or two) *eyes bookshelf greedily*. And then I ended up in the cinema and watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo )
And now I have today off, and it seems actually that spring is slowly arriving - it is sunny outside and the temperatures are keeping above 0 C during the daytime. Of course, here and now 'spring' means that everything is covered with either a)piles of dirty snow, b)mud, water and mixture of both or c)very slippery ice, but still, sun. And the tits have been determinedly optimistic for weeks now, so I guess they should know. (By 'tits' I mean the feathered, bird-y kind, not a random collection of boobs. Though, maybe boobs are optimistic too, it's not as if I can tell with strange ones as they're all covered up as appropriate for the weather, and it's never easy to tell with my own, they're secretive about their moods.)
Mmmm, it's noon and I'm having coffee and need to go nowhere. Except perhaps back to bed. That might even mitigate the knowledge of the nameless horror that lies ahead a.k.a. the monstrous soulkilling farce named ironically 'daylight saving time'. Bah. I shall firmly decline to rant on the topic of that disaster and instead, will have a nice nap. And then read.
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Hey, you know, I quite like Jaime Lannister. But if it comes to a cage match between Jaime and Temeraire, well, then there is no contest. No question I like Temeraire the best, and you should also go and vote for him! (And if you won't do it just because I say so, well, check out Naomi Novik's wonderful write-up of how the match would go, and vote for Temeraire!) Send your friends! Save the dragon!
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Dear Estonia,

I love you. I do.
That said, there are times I am ashamed of how you are and oh so very angry at you. Here, have a dose of common sense: if Estonians as a nation die out, it will be because it will be our time - even nations have their lifespan -, because we leave too much hard work on the shoulders of women we pay too little, because we drink too much, work too much and die too early, because we fail to learn from past mistakes, because we will forget our history or because we will become blinkered and ensnared in it, because we sit too much in the dark of our soul and do not smile outside, because we keep everything inside, because we teach our men that they should pretend to carry the world and expect our women to do it in reality, because we only consider a person worthy as long as that person is young, able and high-wages-earning, because we forget to teach our children that education always pays off, because a big neighbour gobbles us up again and again and again and at last one time there won't be enough life left in what is spat out...
If we as a nation die out (or for that matter, the whole Western civilization declines), it will not, let me repeat, NOT be because some of us are queer. Nor because queer people might gain the right to form a civil partnership or marry and/or adopt children or gain any other rights inherent to marriage institution. So, my dear native land, in that regard, with all respect, screw you.

Cali, shouldering her part in the decline of the Western civilization.

The above brought to you by the week-long theme in the local media about how a proposed change in marriage/partnership legislation might be about giving the gay people marriage rights, and the bile and acid in the comments and some opinions. Today's radio debate, for example, made me lose all respect towards Martin Helme.
I just try to remind myself that usually, the reasonable and non-belligerent people are the majority, but the silent one. *Sigh*. Though, I totally dig /sarcasm living in a country that prides itself on being European and 'western' and then has a major newspaper running a poll regarding the legislation of the same-sex partnerships where the options are: Leave legislation as is (result 8%), allow same-sex couples register civil partnerships (17%), allow same-sex couples to marry (22%) and (I kid you not) make the legislation regarding the homosexuals more severe - whatever that means - with the result of 53% of responders choosing that option.
Thank you. Some days, I just feel like emigrating and teaching my hypothetical future children Estonian and tolerance in some other country that perhaps has more sense. Though, good coffee and Jim Byrnes singing also helps to normalize the blood pressure, at least.
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Oh hai, it's, um, been rather a long time, isn't it? I've been meaning to post (and I've even had some kind of ... fleeting ficc-y urges), but it seems as if I'm always away, working, or too tired. Or all three.

So, in the name of a) brevity and b) learning new stuff, I looked up the html for bulleted lists and present you my last couple of months in a list form. The highlights (which might or might not be expanded upon at some later date, depending on the availability of spoons. And beer.) include (in no particular order):

  • A week-long trip to Italy, which included the SCIVAC conference in Rimini, a trip to Venice, a swim in the Adriatic sea, a rather satisfying amount of cheap red wine and A LOT of trains. Also, it was hot. Even when it rained.

  • A four-day trip to Finland, to the summer days of the Finnish Bullterrier Club - with Nublu being the winning male in champion class, best male 2 overall and the best coloured male, Nosu being very pretty and starting her heat the first day we got there and Vants being brave above and beyond the call of duty and friendship (including driving for 2 x 550 km's, most of it abroad, while saying things like *I promised myself I'd never drive a car in Helsinki!* and *We'll go again next year, right?*).

  • Going to the pretty fancy-schmancy new cinema in town (the building of which has resulted in the ticket prices being lowered to a reasonable level again), to see Star Trek:Reboot, and lately, Transformers. I might post about my reactions later. I might even rewatch ST. And I think I'm going to start going to the movies again (I had maybe a 2-year break, since [ profile] dresta11 moved away to her island farm, and the ticket prices got freakier).

  • Participating heavily in a citizen initiative *Preventing duck infanticide* a.k.a. trying to convince the momma duck that while hatching the ducklings in the city centre might be a good idea, evolutionarily (I doubt many predators dare to risk the place), it is pretty much negated by the attempt to lead them to the river by walking on the busy road. We tried bribery (food) and terror (shooing), but ultimately the duck got fed up with both and decided to alternate between ignoring us and attacking our legs, so we ended up scooping the whole lot up (thank you, duck, for having to wash your shit off my leather jacket's lining later in the cinema toilet, no really. I have already learned something of the life lessons - I turned the jacket inside out. My last leather jacket had to be retired after I forgot to take it off before trying to get a weak foal to suck. Colostrum and nubuk don't go well together.) and depositing them by the river bank. Ducks - still not the overwhelmingly brightest of the species.

  • Starting to work for the local animal shelter, in addition to the clinic hours. Luckily, we share the duties with J., my employee and the clinic owner. I will very probably be posting some stuff about the shelter work in the future, but I promise to lj-cut for those who have no interest or are squicked or ... Shelter work is ... complicated. I strongly feel it is something that needs doing (and the people working there have been my good friends for a long time, and the last vets were my coursemates and...), yet, in this time and place, shelter work means 'a good day is when you don't have to euthanise anyone'. I don't expect to be able to do it for very long, maybe a couple of years max, but *shrugs* someone's gotta do it, and right now I just might have the strength to spend, so...

  • Stomach flu. The less said about it, the better.

  • Work, possibly partly insane amounts of. Clinic work, translation work (some of which has deadlines approaching on the sneaky speed of light, I swear) - for the amount of it, one'd think there'd be more money, right? Urk. And of course the volunteer stuff, like the freakishly huge backlog of unanswered 'ask a veterinarian' questions on a local doggy website. I swear, every time I think I've seen it all, someone tops the all-time-stoopidest-question again. I mean, a lot of these are very reasonable questions, but there are some that ... stand out. In a way that makes one want to troutslap them.

  • Anyway, I have two days off - it's jaanilaupäev (St. John's Eve), which is also the Victory Day here, and while I'm not planning to going to any fire-making (except perhaps the one in our own yard), I've managed to clean the flat (it no longer looks like a particluarly bloody dustbunny war zone), do a load of laundry and am relaxing with a red beer for company. I also wish a (belated) happy Solstice and the beginning of summer (or winter, if you're antipodeanly inclined) to my f-list/circle - may your luck be with you, and things go rather well than not, and stuff, like, you know *gg*?
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The How Old do You Act meme )

Well, I'm a tad curious why this meme seems to imply there is no life after 35, or at least no-one is capable of acting older than 35. Though I'm sure that can be true in so many cases...
And I can act for all I'm worth *grins*, but in RL, taking 6 years off my age is ... generous. In a backwards way. See, back when I was 16 or 18, I could get away with being thought 6 years younger. It has only gotten worse from there on... Seriously, let me give you a few recent examples.
A couple of weeks back an old lady who'd brought her dog to the clinic gave me a long disapproving once-over and asked whether I was the doctor. I affirmed that I was indeed the veterinarian. "No," she claimed with iron certainty. "You cannot be. You're too young." *sigh* This being neither by far the first nor likely the last time such stuff happens, I did not point out to her that it'd be rather far-fetched to assume that a random teenager would steal into the clinic, don a practice uniform complete with the name-and-title identification and then sneak into the exam room for the express purpose of pulling her leg. After I'd patiently explained that despite looking 'too young' (whatever that means), yes, I am the vet, I am not as young as she thinks, yes, I have been in practice for 10 years etc, she grudgingly admitted I might not be lying. "You still look too young," was her final condemning verdict.
And yes, I get that a lot of people think I should be jumping up and down with joy because hey, I'm a female who looks younger than she is, what the heck is Cali whining about? But in the professional field, it can be incredibly tiring sometimes.
A few days after that I was idly staring into space at my local supermarket's checkout, waiting to pay, when the cashier suddenly asked for my ID. I had a moment of wondering why are they asking customers for ID now - and then I realised that I had a four-pack of beer among the other stuff. Last time I was asked to prove that I'm over 18 was about a year and a half ago, and I kind of thought that I'm leaving that particular amusement behind. Apparently, no. I flipped my wallet to show her the ID card and she squinted at it. "What year is this ... 19...?" "...Seventy six." I deadpanned. She did a rather comical double-take and hastened to assure me that it should be definitely taken as a compliment. Definitely. I sighed and smiled obligingly and wondered whether this is how Methos feels sometimes.
Later, at home, while on the phone with dad blaming his genetic contribution and making toast I went to the fridge to get the butter I had just bought. The butter that most emphatically was not in the fridge. This was when I wondered whether I should sue myself for the false advertising, because the outside sure does not warn for the deterioration of the mental capabilities. Then I wondered again whether that is how Methos feels sometimes. Yes, I know, immortal memory, blah-di-blah. I bet he still forgets his butter in the shop sometimes.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I've gotten a few more Dreamwidth invites, so at the moment I have four three to give out. If anyone would like an invite, give me a holler in the comments, 'kay?
ETA: screening comments for possible email-related-info, will unscreen comments without email addresses.
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So, I have managed to pick up an icky headcold that is presently in the stage of 'sore throat and coughing feature fully intialised, sniffles setup running'. I even ran a bit of a fever yesterday, so I selfishly left J. to work (though it was my long shift by the book) and bailed. She's a wonderful person though who allows her employees to bail *g*. We did have a rather interesting surgery yesterday before I went home to Coldrex and bed - we took a (probably cancerous) kidney off a cat. In my previous place I did mostly internal med (and the dental), very little surgery, and it is weirdly satisfying in some ways to do easier soft tissue surgeries now. She'd done a kidney removal before, so she did and I assisted, and to our happy surprise this one was really smooth and easy (we were worried about possible bleeding etc.). Now it is only to hope that the cat recovers well (so far, everything indicates the second kidney is functioning well, but we don't know what the exact reason is yet that made the left kidney turn into a monster growth the size of my fist and the right kidney was not 100% smooth either). Also, on the subject of surgeries, I guess I can understand how surgeons can easily get so smug - more simpler surgeries are often satisfyingly straightforward in the sense that you'll get a rather immediate response to your efforts, either positive or negative. With internal stuff, I'd say that there are considerably more cases when you'll flail around in the hopeful quest for the solution and in the end cannot say with any decent certainty how much your efforts contributed to the outcome versus the dear bitch Mother Nature and our old friend Murphy with his laws.

Did a 3+ hour oral translation job today and I still have my voice, scratchy as it is presently, so that is made of yay! Now I have until Sunday to nurse my sore throat, before I have to give 4 hours of lectures *eek!*. I am presently soothing said throat with offerings of losenges and alcohol-free warm glögg (it makes a nice change from all the tea).

And a loong time ago, [ profile] amberleewriter was doing this Shag,marry, cliff meme that was going around, with rules as follows:

1. Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2. Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.
3. Provide pictures of the 3 people.
4. Post this meme with your answers.

Read more... )


Apr. 20th, 2009 08:48 pm
calime: tartan background, text in the end there can be only a bunch, you know, a smallish group, really very exclusive... (In the end there can be only...)
This is just to announce that as I got lucky (read: my openID account got an invite in the draw) I am now also calime on Dreamwidth. I do plan to purchase a paid account there come April 30th and open beta launch, and then I'll likely let my LJ paid status lapse for good. I'll see whwther I'll keep crossposting my few posts to IJ, LJ and Dw, or maybe just post links to DW posts, but DW interface makes crossposting even easier than Semagic, so..
I don't expect there will be a tremendous exodus from LJ to DW, though maybe more people will move than did to IJ, but I don't really see the problem of having three (or four, counting JF) reading lists to check daily - I'll probably divide stuff into 'read on IJ' and 'read on DW' etc. I read several different sites daily anyway, and I'm very glad of the Firefox Morning Coffee addon *grin*.
In general, so far I do like the DW interface best, though.

OH hai!!

Apr. 19th, 2009 01:30 pm
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Not much to say besides that yay! There was a nifty little invite in my email, and now I can haz a Dreamwidth corner of my very own. I've imported the entries from LJ (my IJ and LJ are pretty same, postings-wise, and while I'd love to import IJ comments, I'm not sure it'd look very tidy with most entries in double. Need to think about that more.)
Also need to delve into the customization info, and re-friend? re-readlist? resub? circumscribe?!? everyone who's already here and who I had friended under open-ID (I wonder if there wasn't supposed to be or maybe come in the future something enabling you to tie open-ID accts to the main one? Need to look around MOAR! ETA: Found! Possible feature to tie openID account to the main one upcoming in the future. Nce.)
*waves* Anyways, here I am, having fun, and I kind of hope that you are here too *g*, and of course the same for the fun part! And, um, if you notice me refriending, it's just me consolidating my readinglist under the main account now.
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I would love to see this as a SGA McKay/Sheppard ... thingy.Snippet? Whatev. *laughs*
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Also, sleepy.
Work these last days has been all 'hurry up and wait', well, or the other way round. Yesterday and this morning was sloooooow, which coupled with the grey wet slushy weather made me zombie-like and vague, and then, afternoon suddenly erupted into what is in Estonian lovingly known as 'hullumaja puhvet' (word-to-word translation - mental hospital's cafe), or in English, simply 'a madhouse'. The cherry on top, so to speak, was an emergency of two dogs who very likely have ingested a poison of some kind, probably organophosphate based. Or pyrethrins/pyrethroids. Managed first aid and packed them off to the UNI clinic ... tomorrow will tell if they've made it or no. Am home at last, watching SGA 1st season finale and drinking alcohol-free glögg (because I am sleepy enough without adding alcohol to the mix, yet I need something warm and weirdly enough, caffeine-less).
I did put a new challenge up at highlander100, so if anyone's drabble-wisely inclined, please amble over and ... drabble. Or something.
So, I see this meme going around again, and as I'm incapable of doing anything that requires more than two neurons firing, please to be amusing me and telling me whether you think I'm fish or fowl. Or, um. Something or other.
Pick one word from each pair that you think describes me the best and comment with your choices. Then copy this and post it in your own journal to see how your friends view you. *waves hand* Only if you want to. Now in a handy poll format, courtesy of [ profile] helens78, here!
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During aimless linksurfing I stumbled upon the Wikipedia article Homosexuality in speculative fiction, and was intrigued by a paragraph in it.Of course, I had to share it with [ profile] dresta11. Um,and now with my unsuspecting f-list (note: I did translate part of the convo from Estonian to English).
Calime a.k.a. Piuksuv Urson - elu on trifiid: Proto-SF
True History by the Greek writer Lucian (A.D. 120–185) has been called the earliest surviving example of science fiction[20][21] and the first ever "gay science fiction story".[22] The narrator is suddenly enveloped by a typhoon and swept up to the moon, which is inhabited by a society of men that are at war with the sun. After the hero distinguishes himself in combat, the king gives him his son the prince in marriage. The all male society reproduces (male children only) by giving birth from the thigh or by growing a child from a plant produced by planting the left testicle in the moon's soil.[23]
Calime a.k.a. Piuksuv Urson - elu on trifiid: wonder if they had to cut off that left nut, or did they just spend the period of pregnancy stuck in ground, testicle-wise?
Jessikas- umop ap!sdn: dunno,maybe it dropped off by itself
Calime: hmmm
Jessikas: like seed
Calime: after especially passionate sex?
Calime : maybe
Calime : even logical
Calime : how did they choose which partners' testicle dropped?
Calime : good idea though, zero population growth
Calime: no overpopulating the moon
Calime: one left nut per person
Jessikas: yup
Jessikas: but maybe they grew a replacement?
Calime: dammit, yes, who knows
Calime : now I'd like to read the source
Jessikas: new testicle just pushed the old one out while growing
Calime: after the source, one could fanfic all different scenarios
Calime: and in case the old testicle happened to be pushed INwards, then it came to that giving birth from the thigh, yes?
Jessikas: yup
Jessikas: like a huge, painful abscess
Jessikas: yuck
Calime: I feel the sudden need to write mpreg in all my fandoms using this freshly gained knowledge
Jessikas: *snicker*

Well, yes, it is possible that in addition of having a weird brain (which is not unusual here, is it, my fellow fen?) I also tend to get fascinated by potential wacky biological details. Might go with the RL job mindset *grin*.
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Those last days I've been ... grumpy.Read more... )
calime: grey and red cat touching noses, text aand... smooch!  (and smooch...)
...a.k.a. the current popular calendar fashion says that we can haz a new year soon an kthxbai to the old one.
2008 was mostly decent, well, the ending was kind of off, but I try to look forward to the 2009 with reasonable optimism. At least as long as the work continues to come to the clinic the way it did for the last days I'm gonna be glad - that'd mean we're going to make do.
I have gotten only halfway through SGA secret santa stories, and there is still Highlander Holiday Shortcuts and Yuletide ... Mmmmm. That makes me happy. Also, I'm off tomorrow to drive over to [ profile] dresta11's island farm with another friend. We aim to fit seven dogs into one house, cook lamb, eat, drink and be merry. And lazy. And as I'll probably have 'net access there, but maybe not so often or well as at home, I'll leave my turning-of-the-year well-wishes for you all now.
May the next year be better and happier and luckier than the last one was!
And if anyone is looking for little entertainment, I suggest you check the nature cams at Looduskalender here - they still have the wild pigs' feeding place cam that is good to check at night, and in addition there is a new cam for checking on eagles and ravens and crows feeding during the daytime. And if there is no-one around on the direct stream, there are clips on the site from interesting moments.
Lastly, there is this cute PENGWIN vid over at failblog that has a definite yay! factor. For some reason *cough* I cannot but associate penguins with a certain ... team (SGA fandom, i am looking at you!!). Well, this one is definitely Ronon!penguin.
So, um, happy new year and all.
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There is snow. A lot of snow. There is more snow coming. Is rather nice, takes mind off some pesky RL stuff. Though I wonder how I'm gonna get to work tomorrow morning - it's been snowing since last night and will continue to do so through tonight at least, and there have been storm warnings, houses losing electricity, traffic jams and stuff. Thank the universe that I live in a town and can walk to work.
*contemplates blizzard through the window while cuddled in bed with two dogs and three cats and watches Stargate*
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Congratulations to US people on their new president!! And good luck and lots of strength to Mr. Barack Obama.

The outcome makes me feel kind of more optimistic about the world in general this morning.

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