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Well, now that the author reveal is done, here's my contribution to the Highlander Holiday ShortCuts exchange.

Title: Past and Present, Hand in Hand
Author: Someone probably totally obvious
Written for: [ profile] jinxed_wood
Characters/Pairings: Methos front and centre, Amanda, Duncan, Rebecca, hints of the Horsemen, OC; implied Amanda/Methos/Rebecca, Duncan & Methos & Amanda friendship
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2 784
Author's notes: A big thank you to [personal profile] baronjanus and [personal profile] ceruleancat for the invaluable beta work, everything that is still wrong is my fault. Written for the recipient's prompt "Holding Hands".
Summary: Methos is trippin' - or tripping down the memory lane.

Link to the original post at hlh_shortcuts
Read it at Archive of Our Own
Reat it at Highlander Fiction Archive

And as I never got around to reposting my last year's story, I'll just add it here, too.

Title: A Rewalian Winter or The Devil's Disciple
Author: That Dog Who Pulls the Grinch's sleigh
Written for:[personal profile] unovis
Characters/Pairings: Amanda/OFC
Word count:appr. 5800
Warnings:Um, references to obscure-ish chapters of history and an OFC?
Author's Notes: Thank you [ profile] dresta11 and [ profile] dorothy1901 for beta, all that sucketh still is a blame to be laid at my door. Thank you, [ profile] amand_r for running this challenge, and for the patience you had for my lateness, and for making me write after a long dry spell. And thank you [personal profile] unovis for all your stories that have given me countless hours of enjoyment, I know I'm a sucky feedbacker, but I do adore and appreciate them. A lot. And last but not least - thank you, the Highlander fandom, for, you know, being out there, still going, still immortal.
Summary: Amanda finds a - perhaps not really conventional - student.
Link to the original post at hlh_shortcuts
Read it at Archive of Our Own
Reat it at Highlander Fiction Archive
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I can has sleepy tiems now, yayys!! Or, if we disregard lolcatspeak, I have four weeks of vacation, and considering I did not get any for last two years due to the job change, it is A VERY GOOD THING. Last three days, I've divided the time between sleeping and hunting for the necessary items for flat renovations. Apparently, sleep and the application of junk food has jumpstarted my brain's fic centres and I've finally gotten around to answering [ profile] jjjean65's question from that long-ago meme. So, here it is.

Title:Rara Avis
Disclaimer: I own neither the Universe nor the Highlander-verse I'm playing in. Only my mistakes are mine.
Character(s)/Rating/Warning(s): Methos/Gen/None, except the fact that the ficlet has never seen a beta.
Notes & Summary: Written in response to [ profile] jjjean65's question, "Where has Methos *never* been/who *hasn't* he met and why..."
It's perhaps not quite a straight answer, but then, Methos!muses are well-known for their evasiveness, aren't they? So, five (kinds) of people Methos has never met...

Rara Avis )
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... a.k.a. pay no attention, Cali rambles about nothing new. It happens sometimes when thinking catches me unaware. Terribly emo of me. )

If it continues this way, I might even write something fanficcy sometime. I mean, try to channel the flow of the logorrhoea from brain to itchy fingertips into something more ... coherent? Universally useful? Which would probably be good for me. Yes, I really don't think much about poor innocent bystanders who might happen to read the results ... it's all about my satisfaction *g*. Sorry. I never said I was nice, did I?
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I suppose I watched "Innocence" too much, or I can blame the fact that I used to know the "Ballad of Reading Gaol" by heart.
Fandom: BtVS
Disclaimer: Nothing I have is really mine. Anything from Jossverse, even less. Methinks Oscar Wilde's works are already in the public domain.
Notes: Sincere thanks go to [ profile] sparklebutch and [ profile] ceruleancat for beta and advice and support. Also, for pimping. Everything that is still wrong is my fault:)
Takes place during Buffy season 2 ep "Innocence". The quote in the beginning is straight from the episode.
Poem quoted isThe Ballad of Reading Gaol, by Oscar Wilde
So, in the words of two dead Irishmen (and Drusilla, who knows Angelus so well)...

Angelus: Spike, my boy, you *really* don't get it! Do you? You tried to kill her, but you couldn't. Look at you. You're a wreck! She's stronger than any Slayer you've ever faced. Force won't get it done. You gotta work from the inside. To kill this girl ... you have to love her.

Spike smiled, an appreciative, secret smile and drawled, "For each man kills the thing he loves ..." There was mockery in his voice that - for a reason Angelus preferred not to dwell on - failed to reach his eyes.

Later, in the lazy sated predawn, with Spike curled up by his side and Drusilla lying with her head on his chest, the words of the dead Irishman came back to whisper quietly in his head.

Yet each man kills the thing he loves ...

He reached to comb through Dru’s dark locks with his fingers in the unspoken rhythm of the cadenzas. Lovely, deadly, dead.

The kindest use a knife, because
The dead so soon grow cold.

The harsh lamplight broke on the sleek surface of the hair and for a moment it appeared not dark chestnut, but light wheat under his hand.

Angelus smiled. He was not a kind man. He had never been known for that particular trait.


Jan. 6th, 2007 10:11 pm
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For the [ profile] highlander100 Challenge #122 Dark, Light and Shadows
Title: Soulcatcher
Fandom: Highlander
Disclaimer: Koren or Kronos is not mine. The OC is, but he’s dead, anyway.
Notes: Because I promised to [ profile] sparklebutch to write about an old, grainy photo of Koren (after all, I brought it up). But it seems Kronos has an intense dislike of photographers.

Rogues rode in, spilled blood, created mayhem. Law tracked them down and retaliated. The man half-hidden behind the corner of the tavern wasn’t interested in black and white, in blood and predictability.

His passion lay in capturing the soul of the subjects in smooth shades of a ferrotype.

He glanced down at the rough sketch above the promise of a reward. Koren. Yes, definitely the notorious outlaw with the intriguing physiognomy. He adjusted the camera.

Later, in the swirling chaos nobody noticed the crumpled body in the shadows. Blood dried dark, and this time, power remained locked in the camera.
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For [ profile] highlander100 Challenge #121, "Headache"

Title: "Not Tonight, Darling..."

Disclaimer: They're not mine. RPD can have the headache too, I'm a giving kinda gal :)

"So, why never another immortal? A commitment thing?" asked Joe one evening, nosy and mellow with good drink and company.

Methos quirked an eyebrow.

"No, not really. It’s a ... well, it’s a sex thing."


"See, the Quickenings give me a terrible headache."

"I thought you tried to avoid taking them?"


"Not taking them. The buzz. The more intense emotions involved, the worse it gets. Another immortal nearby gives me a mild headache, alcohol ... ameliorates it. Anything more passionate - a wracking migraine. Unless I’m dead drunk, in which case ... how well do you get it up when totally pissed?"

100 words
Q to Joe, who has to listen to those tall tales
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Now that's what I call the holiday spirit!
Gacked from [ profile] jjjean65
The first person to respond to this entry with a prompt gets a little off-the-cuff porn. The rest of you writers out there post the same call in your journals, and we make a lot of porn for before-the-holiday. It's what they call a win-win scenario.

So, first person up - prompt of your choice. And don't forget to Porn It Forward.

ETA: If somebody else would like to give me prompts, they're welcome, too. Maybe writing porny snippets is just what I need to shake me up a bit:)

I promise at least to make a decent attempt towards porn, though I make no guarantees as to the quality and also, humor and snark may creep in *g*.
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Well, I've had a nice productive night uploading my ficcy bits and ends to the new Highlander Fiction Archive. I'm feeling a bit like a child who has suddenly spoken out loud in a company of adults... posting ficcy stuff on lj is one thing, but An Archive is, like, serious *grins sheepishly*. I'm also a bit surprised that I had quite so many ficcy bits, though of course 1000 words is already something of a long story for me. Did not upload Sleeping Sun ... I really should try to write more of it, not just roll it around in my head.
Anyways, it's half past 6 am here...wonder if I should go sleep, or just stay up... this staying at home has allowed my body to adapt the sleep schedule it considers normal (which is a night owl's), but maybe I should try to get back to the 'outer word normal'.
Hmm, and tomorrow's the neurosurgeon's appointment ...wonder what he'll say about my back.
Maybe I should have some more coffee.
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For the [ profile] highlander100 challenge #117 Pretty in Pink
Thank you to [ profile] sparklebutch for, you know, everything.
Characters: Caspian (I think that could also double as a warning)
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing. Though Caspian in my head makes me...hungry.
Title: Hunger
Warning: Tad disturbing imagery.

He’s mesmerized by the pink tongue nervously licking pink lips. They are all so… alive. Life, crowding beneath their skin, blushing, struggling to escape.

The wriggling has heated up the life in this one, flushed, breathy. The cold hunger in him wakes, rises, NEEDS. Once he had it too, the pink, fragile, warm life. They took it, gave instead the cold blue fire that burns, heals, drives.

He hungers to let the life out in pink frothy bubbles on pale lips. Bite the twitching flesh, swallow the life. Let it warm him, for a while.

Caspian reaches for the knife.

100 words

For the [ profile] highlander100 challenge #117 Pretty in Pink
Characters: Kronos
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing.
Title: Once Upon A Time
Warning: Better skip it, if the concept of Kronos being human once squicks you.

Once upon a time a chubby baby more prone to giggles than crying was named "Rosy-cheeks" by his mother, despite being found under the eagle’s nest, which could have definitely prompted for a manlier usename.

Once a young boy, all angular coltish grace, blushed when another’s eyes looked deep into his.

Once a young warrior moved silently through the winter woods, flushed with cold and the joy of the hunt.

Kronos, though, will deny it. The warrior's dead and that which became Kronos erased the boy’s footprints from the sands of time. After all, he is the End of Time.

100 words
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Mininano-ing? Drabbling? Ficlet-ing? Hmm, that sounds like ... bloodletting. Might be also healthy if not taken to extremes.
Ok, to the point. I seem to recall I had one. Ah, yes.

Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Kronos
Disclaimer: Not mine, if recognizable.
100 words
Notes:Inspired by [ profile] highlander100 challenge "Chaos and Order"

Tied down, immobile, the blindfold the final touch sending him tumbling out of himself, through the churning panic, twisting, into the chaos.

For an infinite moment there’s only the power-laden swirling nothingness. He’s devoured, unravelled, consumed in it. Lost, suffocated, trapped.

Then the pain comes, a glorious, brilliant thread, gathering him together. Raising him high on the waves, to ride the surging chaos. Up, to reach the apex, poised for one shimmering second before coming crashing down.

Down in jumbled pieces, an endless fall... Caught, steadied by familiar hands, restored to reality and order, shaking. Safe. Until the next ride.
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It's a bit past midnight here, to be honest, but my timesense has always forgotten to begin the new day at 00:00 precisely...

Characters: Methos
Disclaimer: Not mine
How would a 5000-year-old man celebrate All Souls'?
so, some Methos-y words regarding the holiday )
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For the [ profile] highlander100 114th Challenge All Hallows, also in the spirit of [ profile] mini_nanowrimo
Fandom: Highlander, obviously.
Disclaimer: Not mine, if recognisable.
100 words of ... hmm... shippy sap?

Socks and the sword, the black jeans will do, the sweater, the coat, mustn’t forget the good single malt, picked with care the day before.

Lock the door, down the street, he has somewhere to be. Round the corner, he finds himself whistling, he comes bearing gifts, but he’s no Greek to be wary of.

Though, when in Rome… what’s that they say?

He knocks.

"Trick or treat?" to the opening door.

"I can never guess with you," amusement in the answer, welcoming.

"I forgot the mask," he offers.

"Good," the brilliant smile a promise, "You don’t need one here."
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I was, well, umm, sleeping yesterday. Not cultivating writing habits. Trying to be better today...

A double drabble for [ profile] highlander100 All Souls' challenge (#114)
100 words x 2
Title:There’s Always Two Sides to Every Story..
Fandom: Duh. Highlander, I mean:)
Disclaimer: Like usually, nothing I have is really mine.
(Permanent sticky) Note: thank you [ profile] sparklebutch
It was a cold, dark October night... )
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[ profile] sparklebutch has this icon with three knights...and he pokes.

Fandom: Highlander
Disclaimer: Not mine, I'm just using them for my own dirty ends.
Notes:Set in [ profile] sparklebutch's D/M/K AU and inspired by his icon. I guess this one's not crack, but smut. Thank you [ profile] sparklebutch for poking, and looking, and all the stuff. All mistakes are mine, if you spot a typo, please be yelling out at me:)

clicky )
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I was contemplating whether joining Mini_nanowrimo would be a good idea, you know, in a good-habit-cultivating-way. To be poked, to write. And stuff. And then [ profile] sparklebutch helpfully poked, and [ profile] holde_maid said "Fire", and Cali wrote a handful of words and felt better.
Which I'm posting before I get to feel silly...and forget to cultivate good habits. Maybe I could do 100 words a day *muses*.

105 words of random Highlander (like you couldn't guess:)):

He was tired, cold and feeling grumpy. The rain was split-splattering down, and the damp seemed to creep into every nook and cranny. The wind howled in the darkness.
A dark outline with a raised sword silhouetted against the background of dimly-lit alleyway was just an added annoyance.
That was certainly NOT a good time for a challenge. Those youngsters, they called it the Game, and still wanted to play in such conditions? Dumb gits.
Definitely a smart move to call for a time out. After all, he had a dinner, a book and a fire waiting. "Pause Game," he thought, and squeezed the trigger.
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The ever marvellous [ profile] sparklebutch wrote wonderful yummy squeeworthy sex for [ profile] highlander100 "Sex" Challenge. And high on that pretty D/M/K crack, I begged to borrow a slice of his Universe and wrote some more crack.
The 100-word drabble for [ profile] highlander100 Challenge # 109 is here
This one's the slightly longer version. I mean, who can fail to be inspired by glowing Methosdicks?
Title: A wise man never...
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing. The glowing Methosdick (TM) belongs to [ profile] sparklebutch, the rest belongs to TPTB.
Warnings: Pure, unashamed crack. Set in [ profile] sparklebutch's D/M/K crack!AU
Credit: Thank you to [ profile] sparklebutch for letting me play in your sandbox, and for [ profile] cyberducks for the original inspiration of the glowing Methosdick!

NB! To get any of it, you really need to read this first!

Methos looked down at two dark heads bent together, engrossed in studying the strange new phenomenon.
"You know, " he remarked, "this reminds me of the time when an entire civilization used to worship my penis."
Both heads shot up, colliding with a rather satisfying crack! in the process.
Methos thought that the second simultaneous "Owwwwwww" was particularly harmonious.
"There were whole temples dedicated to my penis. With amazingly life-like frescoes, and mosaiques made of precious stones, and silk tapestries, and marble statues...And the fair boys and maidens, in the main temple in the capital, of course, to take good care of the original. It was quite exhausting, to be honest. Especially being forced to maintain the erection almost constantly."
Come to think of that, they must've been practicing the timing of the eyeroll, too, those sly bastards.
He glared at his lovers.
"You don't believe me?"
He let a hint of Death creep into his voice.
" Maybe you think it is undeserving of such attention?"
"Oh, no," said Kronos hastily, "It is very pretty indeed."
"Especially with the special glow effects," added Duncan for good measure.
It seemed that Kronos and Duncan wholeheartedly agreed on several fundamental truths. For example, everything about Methos was pretty. Moreover, a wise man never disses his lovers' assets. Especially if he wants to keep on getting any.
That was perfectly fine with Methos. Two agreeable lovers beat two glowering enemies any day. Even if it meant he'd have to brush up his tall tales to a wholly next level. After all, for a truly appreciative audience it would be worth the effort.

ETA: Now, with a brand new, thematic icon from [ profile] sparklebutch !
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I was writing the drabbles for the current [ profile] highlander100 challenge, The Paper Chase. I had vague ideas for two drabbles, but when I started writing, they kept wanting to kinda merge and go on longer than any decent drabbles should. I blame Amanda. She insisted that her eyelashes are an important thing to leave in, and it..escalated a bit. Into a ficlet-y thing.
ETA: Infinite thanks for [ profile] holde_maid for playing spot-the-typo.
So, the proper drabbles can be found on [ profile] highlander100 here.
The ficlet they insisted on evolving into is here:
Amanda's philosophy on thieving...and other things. )
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For the [ profile] highlander100 Challenge #98 : Sound/Hearing
Title: The meaning of sounds
Disclaimer: I'm playing with someone else's toys, but I promise not to break them.
Warning: A smidgen of slashiness, a spoonful of sap.

Methos lay awake in the warm darkness, contemplating the varied meanings of sounds.
Usually and universally, the sound of loneliness was that of one’s own breathing.
Tonight, the sound of insanity was the quiet lapping of water against the hull of the barge. Most likely it was also the sound of impending doom.
His train of thoughts was interrupted by a near-perfect imitation of a rabid bison with a headcold. Automatically, Methos jabbed his elbow hard into the cocooned shape beside him, which subdued the noise into a softer snoring.
Quite possibly, snoring could be the sound of love.
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Apparently, the best way to get me writing is to send me to any kind of course. The second day into a course that should teach me to be a better salesperson, and in addition of combining Methos with a garden hose for [ profile] cyberducks I've also managed to write three Discworld drabbles for [ profile] unovis_lj's request in that old, old meme.
Here they are:
The Scumble Effect
Career Choice

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