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Today has been hot and unpleasant and full of stoopid and suck. And I'm really really really tired. So, trying an alternative approach - on the grounds of a)cats go well with everything and B)cats make everything better, here, have some kittens:

moar kittehs under the cut )
Those are all shelter kittens, mostly from May this year. Kittens are by and large all rehomed by now, though only one mother cat has found a new home. But these are the ones that will find a home, and the ones I can look at without sadness and fear - I don't have to put any of those down. They're the happy stories. Two of those litters are actually mixed - there were motherless kittens fostered under accomodating queens. And fortunately, queens are usually very accomodating towards strange kittens.
And to finish it off - this is one of the two cats that live in the shelter, permanently. This one has had an inner ear infection that has left him with a permanent head tilt, and he has lost the tips of his ears to the cold some winter past. But he's happy and fat and shiny, and surveys his kingdom, and sleeps on the sofa in the personnell room, and never needs to worry about being homeless again.
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My home looks like a very messy archeological dig that has suffered under native hostilities. I might be happier about it, if it'd feature also some delectable fictional archeologists, like maybe Indy or at least pretty (cursed being optional) Egyptian princesses. Or maybe a nice Medjai to ward off all and sundry curses. But, alas, there are none. Just the downstairs neighbour. Though, seeing as he is the one doing all those necessary things like plumbing and floors and stuff, I really cannot complain. Much.
Read more, if you want to know mostly boring stuff about renovations, dust, cats and crappy, yet strangely funny anime-style avatars )
ETA: I have neighbours made of AWESOME *bows in front of neighbours*. The section-cupboard thingy when delivered was not sectioned very much. And my neighbours spent hours dragging those huge cupboards up on the second floor and installing them. I am so grateful that I'm almost exploding. Also, this is one of those times that makes me pout re: female lack of, you know, puling power. I dislike sitting idly by and not being able to be of any help. But those were freaking heavy things, so yeah.
Cats are investigating the cupboards for kitty perching places. Sadly, they're gonna soon be chased away and replaced with books. *drags herself back to work*.

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