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Hey, hey, paging all HL fen! Something wonderful has happened - The Seduction of the Desert Prince is a) no longer a WIP b) available at AO3 c)FINISHED!!!! Wheee! *settles down with a glass of wine*  Go, go *shoo* - see, it is here:

*applauds Killa, Rachel Sabotini and Elynross*
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If you need something to cheer you up, go looky here. [ profile] sparklebutch has made 42 HL LOL!macros. *giggles into her coffee* My hed, let me give you eet! indeed.

I pimp...

Jun. 8th, 2007 10:47 am
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..therefore I might be at least marginally useful.
Adam sez there should be more smut and I wholeheartedly agree.

And I'm linguistically titillated, because my brain likes how outercourse sounds, and, well, teledildonics is just..delicious and hilarious at the same time. Bless the Wikipedia.
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I laze around and watch Buffy and do nothing useful...wait, I can collect a brownie point for pimping, can't I?
As I found out thanks to [ profile] helsmeta, there's the Porn Battle on again! Lots of good prompts, though I didn't see any for Highlander nor Buffy, on the first page at least. ETA: There apparently are BtVS ones on next pages, but dismally few of HL. So I dutifully pimp it forward.
And when I'm less fuzzy I go try put a few prompts in.
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There's a lot to be content about. *purrs* It's always nice to get paid for a job, even better when one can spend the money on something nice. Walked to town today - longest walk since the back surgery - felt good. (I hope the back agrees with me tomorrow, too*g*). Bought a Pratchett Discworld book I haven't read yet (very nice) and a cordless keyboard&mouse (ooh, joy of no more fretting about assorted furries getting tangled in wires). Is weird how one's priorities shift - I had the cordless keyboard on to-buy list, but one and a half months at home unable to sit down and yelling at cats and the dog to pretty goddamn please keep away from the assorted cords (see, when one cannot sit, the keyboard ON the laptop is not very comfy to use) and dragging the damn bunch with me every time I moved anywhere made me realize that I WANT IT NOW. I'm enjoying it presently. A LOT.

Then there's the fact that I am apparently able to stay up for longer than 6 hours at a stretch and actually watch stuff. The result is lots of love.

Cut for my fannish polyamory )

Also, today, there was a good movie by the title Stage Beauty. I'd say it was well worth watching.

Ooh, the world has been good to me today. Hope it keeps up this way *g*.
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..or something, but in the light of the recent weird lj rumors I got an account at greatestjournal (where Calime was free, without any numbers, whee!). Just, well, in case. And because I could. And then I thought it's weird to just have it lying around, and put what passes for my fic attempts there, so that they're all in one place and have a somewhat less orange background *g* (the journal is yellowish, still - it's me, after all). So, that's the place for Ficup Backup
In other news, I've had a wonderful midsummer-y weekend with doggy people (pictures are here in an album called 'kojajaanik', password highlander). And I've gotten kinda used to the new car...and the family news aren't so bad so far. So far, so good.
I've been a good fangirl and nominated some outstanding and likable stories for [ profile] rerunawards. And I've been self-indulgent and trawled around in lj dungeons *grins*. Week continues at somewhat manic pace, with worky stuff having me driving around the country from Thursday until Sunday. Maybe, just maybe, i'll get some writing done...hours behind the wheel seem to make for perfect plot-bunny-hatching environment. And maybe [ profile] sparklebutch is right and I should be even more self-indulgent and by a camcorder for trapping said bunnies.
Finally, go and see what wonderful things Highlander [ profile] sparklebutch has written recently. I don't have words, really, but the way he takes words and lines them up and makes them give up sensations is something special.

P.S. For the fandom appreciation day:I appreciate the fandom. A lot. It allows me to at least dream of flying. *Hugs flist hard*.
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Gather ye and admire the ingenuity of [ profile] cyberducks - [ profile] theshallowpool is for squee and drooling over more *cough* carnal and sensuous aspects of our obejcts of fannish obsession interest. It's a multifandom drool-pool (Warning! bring your own bib!).
Make squeee, not hate! Wallow in the shallow! The water is warm, don't worry, and all the piranhas are familiar ones! The shallow is the new deep!
*bows to the High Priestess of Shallow [ profile] cyberducks*
*steps down from the soapbox*
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So May was the Merry Month of Masturbation. Now, in honour of the Merry Widow, we declare June the Month of Boys in Corsets.

Tell all your friends. Write many stories. Create many pictures. Rejoice in the beauty. This is a multifandom June of Joy, and you need to pimp it like woah so all fandoms can rejoice and unite.

Corsets are red,
Corsets are blue,
Silk, leather, satin,
And sometimes lace too!

Creator credit to Sue, [ profile] candygramme.

More links: Here and here. And everywhere.

[ profile] sparklebutch has written several delicious stories, which you can find here in his lj
So, like I said, enjoy, contribute, pimp.