calime: Smaug; text: Lurking worm (Methos dangerous to know)
that's the last one for now )
I'm working on the next chapter and will post it as soon as it is finished.
calime: Smaug; text: Lurking worm (Methos dangerous to know)
It all started on the MSN.
Dresta: Did you know that the Kaali meteorite crater is about 5000 years old?
Calime: Are you insinuating something?
Dresta: Well, it did occur to me too...
Calime: I do not need any more plot bunnies!
Dresta: *insert evil laugh*
Dresta: Hmmm...The newspaper says that Estonia is the country with the highest density of meteorite craters per square kilometer in the whole world.
Calime: *laughs* Writer: Methos, would you like to go visit home again?
Methos: Are you kidding me? It is a very unhealthy place - cold, dark, damp, and the rocks keep falling from the sky.

It all went downhill from there...
So I give you my latest madness a work in progress:

Part 0/?

Title : Sleeping Sun
Disclaimers: Duncan, Methos and Joe don’t belong to me, but to some bighat production company Over There. I could not afford the upkeep anyway, as I suck at getting blood out of the laundry. The Kalevala does not belong to me either, per se, but as a person of Fenno-Ugrian descent, I might claim that it is my cultural heritage. Or something. All said, I get no financial gain out of it (rather the opposite, ’cause the thing does tend to interfere with my various jobs); no sense in sueing me, because when the bank has extracted the mortgages, all that is left is just poor little me, and I make a lousy body slave ( I’m lazy, bratty and might take spanking as a reward).
Warnings: First and foremost, this is a work in progress. It is subject to change and I cannot guarantee when it will be finished. So far I don’t think there is much in here that requires warnings, well, not very dire ones at least. Just, as it is a Methos-origins story, don’t expect a lot of Duncan or Joe in it. They’re just listening to the old guy. And don’t expect me to try to give the late Neolithic/early Bronze Age people any ’historically correct’ speech patterns. I wasn’t there, and it’s Methos retelling it. Some of the story may be historically/geographically correct, but fortunately not much.
Notes: The Kalevala was compiled by Elias Lönnrot. The English translation quoted here is by John Martin Crawford.

Oh, and this is for [ profile] dresta11 , because it is really her fault.

The title is borrowed without permission from the song by the Nightwish, from their album ‘Oceanborn’ . Lyrics of the song for those that are interested are: here )