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Dear Estonia,

I love you. I do.
That said, there are times I am ashamed of how you are and oh so very angry at you. Here, have a dose of common sense: if Estonians as a nation die out, it will be because it will be our time - even nations have their lifespan -, because we leave too much hard work on the shoulders of women we pay too little, because we drink too much, work too much and die too early, because we fail to learn from past mistakes, because we will forget our history or because we will become blinkered and ensnared in it, because we sit too much in the dark of our soul and do not smile outside, because we keep everything inside, because we teach our men that they should pretend to carry the world and expect our women to do it in reality, because we only consider a person worthy as long as that person is young, able and high-wages-earning, because we forget to teach our children that education always pays off, because a big neighbour gobbles us up again and again and again and at last one time there won't be enough life left in what is spat out...
If we as a nation die out (or for that matter, the whole Western civilization declines), it will not, let me repeat, NOT be because some of us are queer. Nor because queer people might gain the right to form a civil partnership or marry and/or adopt children or gain any other rights inherent to marriage institution. So, my dear native land, in that regard, with all respect, screw you.

Cali, shouldering her part in the decline of the Western civilization.

The above brought to you by the week-long theme in the local media about how a proposed change in marriage/partnership legislation might be about giving the gay people marriage rights, and the bile and acid in the comments and some opinions. Today's radio debate, for example, made me lose all respect towards Martin Helme.
I just try to remind myself that usually, the reasonable and non-belligerent people are the majority, but the silent one. *Sigh*. Though, I totally dig /sarcasm living in a country that prides itself on being European and 'western' and then has a major newspaper running a poll regarding the legislation of the same-sex partnerships where the options are: Leave legislation as is (result 8%), allow same-sex couples register civil partnerships (17%), allow same-sex couples to marry (22%) and (I kid you not) make the legislation regarding the homosexuals more severe - whatever that means - with the result of 53% of responders choosing that option.
Thank you. Some days, I just feel like emigrating and teaching my hypothetical future children Estonian and tolerance in some other country that perhaps has more sense. Though, good coffee and Jim Byrnes singing also helps to normalize the blood pressure, at least.
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...but sometimes this fact is brought to mind by things close to home. Like the damn stupid riots in our dear capital, Tallinn, supposedly to protest the removal of a Soviet monument from the city centre to a more suitable location, namely the army cemetary. Human nature shines through "beautifully" though - the supposed 'protesters for the memory of the soviet war heroes' were more interested in looting the alcohol shops and the Hugo Boss boutique. Russian media and government alike spew acid, spitting out threats and accusations...I do wonder, while Russia loudly proclaims it will not have to apologise for crimes commited by USSR as it does not consider itself the inheritor of the USSR and that the USSR is dead and gone, why does Russia feel the need to yowl after a statue that was erected by thatsame dead and gone empire to commemorate the acts Russia does not consider its business to apologise for? But, well, being a power has always meant you never have to say you're sorry...I wonder, what made for example Germany so much more brave to take the responsibility for its history?
There are streets full of broken shop windows in my birth town and there are again concrete barricades on the roads leading to the seat of the Government. Reminds me rather uncomfortably of the times 16 years ago, what with dear tovarištš Žirinovski offering to send the tanks over too and all.
And almost none of the looters and rioters actually care about the fucking bronze statue...most of them are people younger than me who cannot really even tell what they're rioting for, only that they're angry and they need to put the anger into destroying something. Seems the anger in general is becoming more and more an universal human condition...
Just came home and saw the shop across the street was surrounded by police tape. Asked the neighbour; "Bomb threat," she answered. Luckily, here, those are still mostly only threats. And seeing as there is a national ban on selling alcohol in shops for the first half of this week (becasue of the riots), I can just lift my eyebrow and remark that there are no ends to what a frustration can take people who are forced to be sober. The sad thing is, the overall stupidity of all this makes me want to get drunk. I'm glad Tartu is rather quiet, though, at least.
And to crown it all off, it is snowing outside - wet snow and bonechilling wind, in one of those freaky cold bouts the spring can feature. Fitting, somehow. At least that makes in more unpleasant for brainless maniacs to gather outside and rampage around.
Oh, and a very nice spring holidays for you, too.

ETA:A good article on the matter in the Independent.

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