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Thanks to the awesome pimping powers of [ profile] sparklebutch I've been watching Buffy recently. "Halloween" was one of the niftier eps so far. Today in chat [ profile] sparklebutch mentioned a Buffy/Sentinel crossover where Ethan sold something to Blair and I asked with half of my brain active and other half just lazing around: "What, did Ethan got investigated for illegal costuming?" And immediately on the heels of that came the realisation that it'd be a rather logical (crack, most likely, but who cares) story premise to cast Ethan as one of those travelling-between-universes magic-shop-keepers from the Discworld universe (or, to use the Discworld scientific term, taberna vagantes *g*). Especially if one proscribes to the third theory for the existance of those, which postulates that they are a very clever way of sidestepping all kinds of lawas that prohibit dealing on Sundays.
The sad thing is that even if I knew Ethan well enough, I am not able to write Discworld much in the true tone of books, and though [ profile] sparklebutch has no trouble with Ethan, he claims that he only ever writes one Discworld character, and I don't really see... (well, I can see, but maybe we'll not go into the ideas about Death, Ethan and dam weir bridge). In short, there's a plot bunny embryo feebly flopping around on the table between empty beer bottles and teacups ... does anyone have some blood to offer to feed the poor creature? Seems mine is the wrong type...
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...that I've been avoiding so far. Gacked from evil enabler [ profile] sparklebutch.
BEFORE CLICKING THE CUT, pick 12 characters and assign them numbers 1 through 12. Write it down. Then answer the questions.

1. Boromir
2. Willow
3. Duncan MacLeod
4. Dean Winchester
5. Amanda Darieux
6. Han Solo
7. Nanny Ogg
8. Methos
9. Darth Vader
10. Sam Winchester
11. Rupert Giles
12. Rincewind
I'm still laughing. )
You know, that was tremendous fun!
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Apparently, the best way to get me writing is to send me to any kind of course. The second day into a course that should teach me to be a better salesperson, and in addition of combining Methos with a garden hose for [ profile] cyberducks I've also managed to write three Discworld drabbles for [ profile] unovis_lj's request in that old, old meme.
Here they are:
The Scumble Effect
Career Choice
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...because apparently I'm a) reckless b)suicidal and c) unable to resist begging for drabbles, when so many wonderful writers are offering.
The first 10 people who respond to this get to request a snippet/drabble (ca 100 words) from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal and make the same offer. Or not. Or do something else :) The reciprocating part is not compulsory, you know.

As to fandoms...I've only ever written some Highlander before. I think I could probably do something from LOTR, Discworld, StarWars (preferably the older trilogy), House,the Vampire Chronicles,perhaps Firefly, if I try hard and threaten myself with a sharp stick.
And please be patient with me *goes to sharpen sticks*...

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