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So, WriSo has kind of delivered the required kick to my arse conscience and I've made an effort to dust off Highlander100.

I've posted a new challenge (eep! the last one was in June Argh! 'shamefaced*), Missing Chronicles XII - meaning all past prompts are a fair game for the entire month of November. Also, I wanted to try something in addition to shake the comm up a little, hence there is now a Sparring a.k.a. Drabble tree feature in the community. The rules for that are HERE; basically, everyone can start a drabble tree, and everyone can respond to any of the existing drabble trees. And, um, I might've started two drabble tree ... seedlings?

So, I'd be very much obliged (and happy) if anyone would like to come over and play and/or look at the rules and tell me if they make any sense *g*!
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Apparently it is. After a relatively warm October, the rain and the cold and the darkness have all conspired and struck and made misery and mud. The thrice-cursed daylight saving disaster has been forced on us again, I have made fire in the stove twice (though admittedly usually I have to resort to burning woodblocks earlier in the autumn, so not bad) and after looking at the pup shivering in the bus stop last week, I decided it's time for the dogs to enter the coat-wearing part of the year. Puppy looks like either a determined mop with a rat head or alternatively, the little My (because of my honest effort to buy her a coat that balances the thin line between being wearable now and hopefully at least for the next two months. Though one can never know with a creature that is currently gaining around 0,5 kg a week.).
I'm doing the WRISOMIFU again this year ... last year I lasted less than a week, but I guess it was also pretty much last time I wrote anything remotely fic-y at all, so... Maybe this year I'll make it for two weeks *is optimistic. or deluded*. Anyway, I've filled my today's quota of 10 minutes by opening the Google Docs and outlining a few things I might be able to make into ficbits. Most of it is crack, but far from mebe the idea to sneer at crack. At this point, I'll be glad of whatever I get written.
I've had a few weeks of what has felt like a lot of work, though in reality there have been days off, but those have been spent doing other stuff that needed to be done (like spending a day judging dogs at a charity match show, and doing translation jobs), so yesterday I finally got around to cleaning the flat, and though today was again a long workday, I now have a Newcastle Brown, SGA happyfics to read and two days off to look forward to. And I plan to just lie back and sleep and read and be lazy. Well, and do my 10 minutes of writing *g*.
Anyways, have a nice November, everyone - whether it be for various celebrations or NaNoWriMo or the daily NaBloPoMo (was that the right acronym?) or for WriSoMiFu (especially warm supportive regards to my fellow MiFus!)!

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