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Mininano-ing? Drabbling? Ficlet-ing? Hmm, that sounds like ... bloodletting. Might be also healthy if not taken to extremes.
Ok, to the point. I seem to recall I had one. Ah, yes.

Fandom: Highlander
Characters: Kronos
Disclaimer: Not mine, if recognizable.
100 words
Notes:Inspired by [ profile] highlander100 challenge "Chaos and Order"

Tied down, immobile, the blindfold the final touch sending him tumbling out of himself, through the churning panic, twisting, into the chaos.

For an infinite moment there’s only the power-laden swirling nothingness. He’s devoured, unravelled, consumed in it. Lost, suffocated, trapped.

Then the pain comes, a glorious, brilliant thread, gathering him together. Raising him high on the waves, to ride the surging chaos. Up, to reach the apex, poised for one shimmering second before coming crashing down.

Down in jumbled pieces, an endless fall... Caught, steadied by familiar hands, restored to reality and order, shaking. Safe. Until the next ride.
calime: Smaug; text: Lurking worm (walkalonemethos)
It's a bit past midnight here, to be honest, but my timesense has always forgotten to begin the new day at 00:00 precisely...

Characters: Methos
Disclaimer: Not mine
How would a 5000-year-old man celebrate All Souls'?
so, some Methos-y words regarding the holiday )
calime: Smaug; text: Lurking worm (D/M tea)
For the [ profile] highlander100 114th Challenge All Hallows, also in the spirit of [ profile] mini_nanowrimo
Fandom: Highlander, obviously.
Disclaimer: Not mine, if recognisable.
100 words of ... hmm... shippy sap?

Socks and the sword, the black jeans will do, the sweater, the coat, mustn’t forget the good single malt, picked with care the day before.

Lock the door, down the street, he has somewhere to be. Round the corner, he finds himself whistling, he comes bearing gifts, but he’s no Greek to be wary of.

Though, when in Rome… what’s that they say?

He knocks.

"Trick or treat?" to the opening door.

"I can never guess with you," amusement in the answer, welcoming.

"I forgot the mask," he offers.

"Good," the brilliant smile a promise, "You don’t need one here."

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