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The ever marvellous [ profile] sparklebutch wrote wonderful yummy squeeworthy sex for [ profile] highlander100 "Sex" Challenge. And high on that pretty D/M/K crack, I begged to borrow a slice of his Universe and wrote some more crack.
The 100-word drabble for [ profile] highlander100 Challenge # 109 is here
This one's the slightly longer version. I mean, who can fail to be inspired by glowing Methosdicks?
Title: A wise man never...
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just playing. The glowing Methosdick (TM) belongs to [ profile] sparklebutch, the rest belongs to TPTB.
Warnings: Pure, unashamed crack. Set in [ profile] sparklebutch's D/M/K crack!AU
Credit: Thank you to [ profile] sparklebutch for letting me play in your sandbox, and for [ profile] cyberducks for the original inspiration of the glowing Methosdick!

NB! To get any of it, you really need to read this first!

Methos looked down at two dark heads bent together, engrossed in studying the strange new phenomenon.
"You know, " he remarked, "this reminds me of the time when an entire civilization used to worship my penis."
Both heads shot up, colliding with a rather satisfying crack! in the process.
Methos thought that the second simultaneous "Owwwwwww" was particularly harmonious.
"There were whole temples dedicated to my penis. With amazingly life-like frescoes, and mosaiques made of precious stones, and silk tapestries, and marble statues...And the fair boys and maidens, in the main temple in the capital, of course, to take good care of the original. It was quite exhausting, to be honest. Especially being forced to maintain the erection almost constantly."
Come to think of that, they must've been practicing the timing of the eyeroll, too, those sly bastards.
He glared at his lovers.
"You don't believe me?"
He let a hint of Death creep into his voice.
" Maybe you think it is undeserving of such attention?"
"Oh, no," said Kronos hastily, "It is very pretty indeed."
"Especially with the special glow effects," added Duncan for good measure.
It seemed that Kronos and Duncan wholeheartedly agreed on several fundamental truths. For example, everything about Methos was pretty. Moreover, a wise man never disses his lovers' assets. Especially if he wants to keep on getting any.
That was perfectly fine with Methos. Two agreeable lovers beat two glowering enemies any day. Even if it meant he'd have to brush up his tall tales to a wholly next level. After all, for a truly appreciative audience it would be worth the effort.

ETA: Now, with a brand new, thematic icon from [ profile] sparklebutch !
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Highlander PWP ficlet a.k.a.Gratuitious Garden Hose Porn Erotica for [ profile] cyberducks.
Because I promised. Unbetaed. Unashamed.
Pairing: Methos/garden hose, Methos/Duncan
Rating: R for the crack and heavily implied slash.
Disclaimer: They’re not mine. If they were, they’d be naked far more often onscreen.

warning: garden hose under here )

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