calime: Nude soapy male backside with text good, clean fun (good clean fun)
...or then, maybe, just enjoying the life. Weekend is coming up. I have watermelon. I'm lazily re-reading "Charioteer" (and desultorily skimming lj for appropriate fanfic). Later, I will selflessly sacrifice myselt to the altar of bad B-movies *gg* - "The Breed" is on *g*.
And I'm an affectionate, drink:) )
ETA: The Breed stream-of-conciousness ramblings:
Though all socialist female officials seem to wear thick-rimmed spectacles and I do not really like the slicked-back hair (and I do not have any high expectations of artistic merit of the movie) I must say that a fanged smile suits AP well. Yummy *g*. And the moon was pretty.
Offspring of ETA:
AP seems to have the art of patented flashback-looks down pat.
Psychiatrist Graf Orlock??? Would anyone sane make an appointment? Or anyone insane??
Silly boy, I mean, if you have to put a hand into the fire, wouldn't it make more sense to use your left hand?
Third generation bastard of ETA: Good taste in pets, but god, the clothes sense sucks. Pretty lady, though.
Ooh, do you think Aaron ever took Max to that nightclub? Max would flirt his eyes off...*imagines the consequences..drifts off..* Umm, yes, back to the movie. Move along. Nothing to see here. *gg*
Multiplicating-like-rabbits-ETA: Psychoanalysis as a prelude to sex? Or a snack? Hee. Also, nice to hear some of my nightmares aren't unique. I think.
*cough* I do keep wanting to refer to Aaron Grey as mr. Addams. *cough*
Awful Russian. Was it supposed to be Russian??
I do like AP better doing his fanged wax-statue imitation than hanging from a disguised rope spinning slowly like Charlotte somewhere though.
And so, all the heroes get screwed over...counting seconds before they bounce back and mop!
Mmm, a logical villain. Cute. Pity they're gonna off him...
An innovative use of a hand grenade, I grant him that. It must be very frustrating if someone is constantly trying to kill one's partners.

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