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calime: Smaug; text: Lurking worm (lurking worm, lurkingworm)

A Can of Worms

Never Laugh at Live Dragons

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Created on 2009-04-19 09:44:13 (#97585), last updated 2017-07-27 (11 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:May 24
Location:Tartu, Estonia
Website:My Tumblr
I can be found on Tumblr - or if you prefer, there is also DW feed for my Tumblr, I also have an old account on Insanejournal as [ profile] calime .
So, to get more personal...let's say I was born in an ordinary boring way...grew up (somewhat, I guess this is debatable), picking up some annoying habits, hobbies and a job or two on the way...and here I am. Where 'here' is is of course also subjective...but, to cut a long story short, for a living I try to keep other people's pets in good working order and for fun - keep my own pets, read a lot and lurk in interesting places on the 'net ...rarely, even happen to write silliness. Sometimes, I bitch...but that I usually do in real life:) Additional warnings should probably include my being of queer, liberal, slashy, finno-ugric, curious and snarky disposition. Enter at your own risk.

Also. Posts tend to get tagged properly. Updates are (um, very) irregular. Some of the more personal stuff gets friendslocked.
Any ficcy bits I've written can be found clicking on the fic tag here on DW, or on the Archive Of Our Own Calime at AO3 ; my Highlander fanfiction is also archived on I have a Fanlore page for contact info in case, well, if any of the blogsites suddenly vanish.

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