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Hey, hey, paging all HL fen! Something wonderful has happened - The Seduction of the Desert Prince is a) no longer a WIP b) available at AO3 c)FINISHED!!!! Wheee! *settles down with a glass of wine*  Go, go *shoo* - see, it is here:

*applauds Killa, Rachel Sabotini and Elynross*
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Listening to Jim Byrnes this cold spring afternoon and surfing the 'net brought me to this... and made my heart ache in a rather pleasant way. I really hope there'll be another Hl con (preferably in europe) that I can manage to attend (this March was really a no-go, on account of me spending all th money I did not have for professional continuing education, and the dates overlapped too). And, well, no matter what. Highlander - still totally the awesomest fandom. You never forget your first;)
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Just popping in to wish a fabulous sending out of the old and letting in the new for everyone and may the next year be wonderful!

(I'm away on the island with friends as usual, stuff is cooking in the oven and we even got a bit of snow so that the mud is somewhat less squelchy and covered up:) Have imported Highlander100 to DW now that we've got community import feature...perhaps we might even have a challenge or two in the coming year!)
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Well, the year is drawing to a close, there's three days off work ahead of me and there's even some snow dusting the ground...

I plan to do nothing but sleep and eat good food and read - especially all the wonderful stories posted at [ profile] hlh_shortcuts (and I've had a most wonderful gift filled with Amanda and glee and romance and captivating plot and yay!) and then sleep some more. And not think about unpleasant things for a while. And visit Granny in the hospital on Monday.

So, happy whatever-holidays-or-other-kinds-of-days to all of you - and may again the days get longer, and may those days be better than the ones before:)
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a)I love them all soo damn much.
b)I have this weird hankering for Amanda/Joe stories, of a mischief-shared-good-buddy kind, possibly with a bit of friendly sex included as a cherry on top:).
c)I still have and probably always will have a massive crush on Amanda. And possibly a teensy-tiny one on Liz Gracen.
...this brought to you by exhaustion after a blue Monday and an endless coming-not-coming-down with something, and a glass of red wine.
Also, I always sporfle at the funny tagline our local channel advertises the Highlander reruns with - translated, it goes roughly like this: "Duncan is the only guy in the world who will see the Bold and the Beautiful from the start to the finish!".
ETA: Amanda and Duncan are also very very nice together.
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Well, now that the author reveal is done, here's my contribution to the Highlander Holiday ShortCuts exchange.

Title: Past and Present, Hand in Hand
Author: Someone probably totally obvious
Written for: [ profile] jinxed_wood
Characters/Pairings: Methos front and centre, Amanda, Duncan, Rebecca, hints of the Horsemen, OC; implied Amanda/Methos/Rebecca, Duncan & Methos & Amanda friendship
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2 784
Author's notes: A big thank you to [personal profile] baronjanus and [personal profile] ceruleancat for the invaluable beta work, everything that is still wrong is my fault. Written for the recipient's prompt "Holding Hands".
Summary: Methos is trippin' - or tripping down the memory lane.

Link to the original post at hlh_shortcuts
Read it at Archive of Our Own
Reat it at Highlander Fiction Archive

And as I never got around to reposting my last year's story, I'll just add it here, too.

Title: A Rewalian Winter or The Devil's Disciple
Author: That Dog Who Pulls the Grinch's sleigh
Written for:[personal profile] unovis
Characters/Pairings: Amanda/OFC
Word count:appr. 5800
Warnings:Um, references to obscure-ish chapters of history and an OFC?
Author's Notes: Thank you [ profile] dresta11 and [ profile] dorothy1901 for beta, all that sucketh still is a blame to be laid at my door. Thank you, [ profile] amand_r for running this challenge, and for the patience you had for my lateness, and for making me write after a long dry spell. And thank you [personal profile] unovis for all your stories that have given me countless hours of enjoyment, I know I'm a sucky feedbacker, but I do adore and appreciate them. A lot. And last but not least - thank you, the Highlander fandom, for, you know, being out there, still going, still immortal.
Summary: Amanda finds a - perhaps not really conventional - student.
Link to the original post at hlh_shortcuts
Read it at Archive of Our Own
Reat it at Highlander Fiction Archive
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HL holiday shortcuts fic off to beta, wheeee! Am resolutely not tinkering or looking at it and wondering whether it is any good at all, because that way lies madness. Well, at least not until I get it back:)

Some RL ramblings and a snowstorm under the cut )

And now, I'll go and have some more alcohol-free glögg.
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Done, oh so done. Last few months have been kind of insane, I mean, it is kind of out of character for me to say I'm looking forward to Christmas, but at the moment it means all the big things I needed to get done are done, and what aren't cannot be helped.
And yay! for not getting sick so far (when everyone around seems to be catching a swine, bird, dog or whatever flu), and finishing a big translation job (yeah, it pays well, so double yay, but it always comes when one is busy already), and even managing some ficcage, and for being able to spend almost a day and a half in the company of my parents without a quarrel in sight (this is incredibly rare. Maybe we're all getting old. Or growing up. Or maybe it was just a fluke.) I'm also kind of glad that the last week's temps between -22 C and -15C have mellowed out into a positively tropical -9 C (it is snowing outside, very pretteh - after a long and abnormally warm autumn the winter came with a vengeance), and, um, I'm really glad I don't own a car any more. So many problems are not mine any more *grins*.
And I'm looking forward to the next two weeks - I am working the first days of the week, but it'll be a loong 4-day weekend coming up (am still not quite used not to be working on either Christmas or the New Years). On the 26th I'll be taking a little trip with a group of other like-minded loons to a dog show in Pskov (wow, I haven't actually been to Russia since the late 1980's, I guess). Then, a few more days at woork, and then me and [ profile] vants will be heading off to spend the New Year's at [ profile] dresta11's - we have ferry tickets booked already, only need to figure out what kind of meat to cook this year.
So, for now I can heave a sigh of relief and get more coffee, and spend a lazy day reading all the shiny new stories posted on the Highlander Holiday Shortcuts. I should do some housecleaning, but I figure it can wait. After all, reading is important, isn't it *g*?
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Those last days I've been ... grumpy.Read more... )
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So, WriSo has kind of delivered the required kick to my arse conscience and I've made an effort to dust off Highlander100.

I've posted a new challenge (eep! the last one was in June Argh! 'shamefaced*), Missing Chronicles XII - meaning all past prompts are a fair game for the entire month of November. Also, I wanted to try something in addition to shake the comm up a little, hence there is now a Sparring a.k.a. Drabble tree feature in the community. The rules for that are HERE; basically, everyone can start a drabble tree, and everyone can respond to any of the existing drabble trees. And, um, I might've started two drabble tree ... seedlings?

So, I'd be very much obliged (and happy) if anyone would like to come over and play and/or look at the rules and tell me if they make any sense *g*!
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I mean the quote meme....
When you see this, post a quote from Highlander in your journal

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There is a new challenge open on Highlander100 - Challenge 153 Titllation/Illumination. So, if you feel 'agreeably excited' by the idea of drabbling a bit of Highlander, head over there and have fun!

And if you haven't yet seen the awesome Methos mythos ficlet by [ profile] sparklebutch, go here and enjoy. The underlying idea is fantastic, and like always, the writing quality is mmmmmm tasty!
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..just been buried in work.
Got back from the wonderfulawsomebeautifulterrific trip to Vancouver HLWW conRead more... )
So, back - and slam!dunk! back into the hamster wheel of life. For two weeks I was the busiest unemployed gal around. I mean, I'm not officially on the new job yet, but I had several translation-and-whatnot stuff to do for various firms, and when that was finished (sort of), the clinic (that WILL be opened for business on Monday) started occupying my free time...
Did some setting up of the management software for the clinic...also, um, put some lolcat macros here and there...went to the dentist and had a root tip surgery (I expect I'll look like a lopsided hamster tomorrow)...and that means that I now have a bit of time to kick back and waste time on teh intrawebs. And be very very happy to see some signs of life from [ profile] sparklebutch and [ profile] ceruleancat*hugs and smooches the intrepid movers between the continents*.
So, to make up for my lengthy absence, I'll give links to fun and TMI:
first, it doesn't need to be badfic to make you sporfle - Excitement leaped like a trout in the public trousers.. And second, via [ profile] ladycat777, this pretty pussy poll (no, it has nothing to do with cats. Why do you ask?).
In other news, I've joined [ profile] wrisomifu. It called to me *cough* - "Write Something, You Sick Fuck!" it thundered in a voice of doom. We'll se if my brain really heard...
And finally, happy Halloween/Samhain/Souls' Time/wet dark autumn/end of October-beginning of November/NaNoWriMo/whatever of your choice to everybody!!!
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I can has sleepy tiems now, yayys!! Or, if we disregard lolcatspeak, I have four weeks of vacation, and considering I did not get any for last two years due to the job change, it is A VERY GOOD THING. Last three days, I've divided the time between sleeping and hunting for the necessary items for flat renovations. Apparently, sleep and the application of junk food has jumpstarted my brain's fic centres and I've finally gotten around to answering [ profile] jjjean65's question from that long-ago meme. So, here it is.

Title:Rara Avis
Disclaimer: I own neither the Universe nor the Highlander-verse I'm playing in. Only my mistakes are mine.
Character(s)/Rating/Warning(s): Methos/Gen/None, except the fact that the ficlet has never seen a beta.
Notes & Summary: Written in response to [ profile] jjjean65's question, "Where has Methos *never* been/who *hasn't* he met and why..."
It's perhaps not quite a straight answer, but then, Methos!muses are well-known for their evasiveness, aren't they? So, five (kinds) of people Methos has never met...

Rara Avis )
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There's a new challenge up at [ profile] highlander100, Missing Chronicles XI - all previous prompts are game.

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