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So, I haven't been really active on Livejournal - just an occasional crosspost - for a long time, and I thought about deleting it several times after the servers moved to Russia, whom I trust even less than the US :) The new TOS finally gave me the kick in the pants I needed. I have many fond memories of the Livejournal, which was for me really the first site for a more in depth engagement with the fandom, especially Highlander fandom, and I am sad to leave, but it hasn't been the same for a long time.
I have imported the content to DW long time ago, so now it was just the matter of downloading both my own LJ and the Highlander100 community that was started by other fen and that I ran in the end for a while - I will see and try about getting that content up to AO3 one day, per the old community rules- (I used BlogBooker) and deleting both the community and my account. I chose the option to also delete all my entries and comments in other communities.
So, one chapter closed. I will now go and donate to AO3 and continue keeping a paid account here on Dreamwidth - and maybe try posting here more often, and hang out on Tumblr (which is a shitty place though if one wants to have any fannish discource in addition to reblogging pretty pics.


Aug. 30th, 2016 07:43 pm
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So, I did the thing that seems to be spreading now and joined Imzy as calime ( I also have five invites, if anyone is interested. *pokes around on Imzy*
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via [personal profile] astolat

You may have seen this elsewhere, but Taselby, whom many of you may remember from Highlander fandom and from vidding and Escapade, has just lost her sixteen year old daughter Parker to a pulmonary embolism. God, I can't even imagine what she's going through. To make matters worse, they racked up huge medical bills because Parker was hospitalized twice this year trying to figure the problem out, and now they don't even have enough for funeral expenses.
The gofundme fundraiser is here. Please signal boost if you can.
calime: A quill in an inkpot with text caligraphy (cali-graphy) also faviconcalime. Most of what's up there (and most likely what's going to get written in the future) is Highlander.
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After frantically wracking my brains on what I'd be good for (I mean, I'm not a reliable or good ficcer and I doubt anyone'd want an English-Estonian or vice versa translation done), have finally come up (or, well, shamelessly copied others) with these two offers.. Basically, I'm offering to be your veterinary Agony Aunt for a month (I'll give advice over email or IM or phone or provide you with background info for fic,if you want). The second offer is for a care package from here, Estonia - with an option for the buyer to choose what will be in it.
So, hey, I hereby pimp Live Long and Marry, a fandom auction to benefit marriage equality. Go ye and bid, or offer!
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...well. The plane part isn't really true, but I guess it says it all in a more or less succint way.

To elaborate ) - I will stop double posting to Livejournal and Insanejournal. I will move my posting to Insanejournal for now, at least until something better comes up, either from OTW or Squidge or somewhere else. I will leave my LJ account for keeping track of people and communities staying on LJ, and I will post links to my IJ posts to LJ. So, if you're interested in my doings in the future, you're welcome to check over there now and then. I will keep on doing the [ profile] highlander100 (I have been very remiss in my duties of late, and for that I apologise), and I have a few plans for the Highlander100 community on the Insanejournal.

Anyway, see you on the flip side!

ETA: some more relevant links about LJ censorship of interests and moving: )
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This is the summary of the chat about future possibilites that could be offered by, basically, some ideas that could be good to be incorporated into some kind of a fannish hub/fannish social networking base. So, if you're interested, please check it out, comment, there will probably be another chat some time soon as far as I'm aware.
I'm interested in aforementioned project for the following reasons: I was and to a big extent, still am, basically a reader/lurker. My participation in fandom activites would likely never had come to pass if it wasn't for the LJ with it's easy comment feature and the possibility to collect people's blogs on the flist. Seeing how there are several fanmade projects in the works ([ profile] fanarchive, Scribblit, [ profile] fandom_flies etc.) and people move to different blogging services like Insanejournal or Greatestjournal or incorporate blogs within their own websites, I'm kinda confident in that authors will find their new safe spaces to display their creations. I'm interested in something that would make it easy for readers to follow them - a kind of all-in-one place that could host content, but also serve just as an address book. So, for me the squidge project sounds very appealing. What do you think?
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If you're interested in alternative outlets for fandom due to the recent strikethrough business on LJ, you could be interested in
the chat the owner of is having about the issue and some possible new services from Squidge.
Please, do read, pimp the link, participate!
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An easy-to-use way to leave information where you can be found, searchable by your LJ username is Fandom411 here.
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I'm pretty much convinced that in case of the things going belly-up for the fandom on LJ, GJ and IJ are only temporary refugees - they'd be quite likely to suffer the same kind of pressure - won't they? The idea of 'our own fannish hub' would be ideal, of course, so here's for hoping that something comes out of for example the [ profile] fanarchive project, or this, or this, or the Fanworksfinder...
I keep thinking that maybe I should duplicate all my f-lists as feeds on GJ and IJ too... only it'd be a lot of work (I use flist a lot as a bookmarking system, too, and filter it). Other people like [ profile] elke_tanzer have good linky posts on the matter. Me, I'm just grumbling under my breath and trying to keep my eyes open and my belongings packed Lj backed up, so's not to miss the train. *sigh*
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There's a lot to be content about. *purrs* It's always nice to get paid for a job, even better when one can spend the money on something nice. Walked to town today - longest walk since the back surgery - felt good. (I hope the back agrees with me tomorrow, too*g*). Bought a Pratchett Discworld book I haven't read yet (very nice) and a cordless keyboard&mouse (ooh, joy of no more fretting about assorted furries getting tangled in wires). Is weird how one's priorities shift - I had the cordless keyboard on to-buy list, but one and a half months at home unable to sit down and yelling at cats and the dog to pretty goddamn please keep away from the assorted cords (see, when one cannot sit, the keyboard ON the laptop is not very comfy to use) and dragging the damn bunch with me every time I moved anywhere made me realize that I WANT IT NOW. I'm enjoying it presently. A LOT.

Then there's the fact that I am apparently able to stay up for longer than 6 hours at a stretch and actually watch stuff. The result is lots of love.

Cut for my fannish polyamory )

Also, today, there was a good movie by the title Stage Beauty. I'd say it was well worth watching.

Ooh, the world has been good to me today. Hope it keeps up this way *g*.
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Huh. A stretch of a rather frantic worky time should be over now, or at least I hope so. Meaning that after recuperating, I might be able to return to important things in life, like fandom, and fic and backlog of the aforementioned...well, you get the picture. Also, chat. Which I had withdrawal symptoms of. And the backache might wanna go away, too.
We've been having rather stormy weather around Estonia and Finland and the Baltic sea, with storm warnings, and ship traffic paused, and sea level rising. So far I hear no big damage in the news...and here it's just been howling wind and some snowy slush and beautiful sky with cloud rags screeching over the skyline like maniacs. The beautiful stuff. Makes me half want to be in the summer house by the sea - autumn storms are really beautiful there in some ways. But I sure am glad our storms are just tiny, and we don't get any of those tropical monsters up here.
Also, on an unrelated note, it's so much fun when you discover that someone you've known on the lines of uni and vet profession and stuff knows HL, and not only know, but has once upon a time been fannish about. Even in this small remote corner of the world. Makes one all warm and fuzzy inside. And ready to share the DVDs *grin*.
ETA: In the connection of the abovementioned fact, in chat with [ profile] sparklebutch and [ profile] holde_maid the need for some secure method of ID'ing the fans was put forward. We discussed the relative merits of advanced communicating bracelets (to the betterment of taking over the world) and a tattoo as a marker. We could not decide where the tattoo should be, though. The idea of a dragon on butt has some serious pro factors, as in loyalty, beauty and comfort sense, but could be hard to display. But then, one could always design pants/trousers/skirt with a comfy, see-through window. Hmmm. *Cali contemplates another dragon tattoo* Whaddaya think?

Also, if anyone should ever try to tell you that the concept of 'manana' can only be applied to certain southern-europe-hispanic countries, don't buy it. It's a damn valid concept in certain high-welfare societies situated up north on a rocky peninsula. Believe me, I've experienced it, to my detriment. Argh.

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