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There is a new challenge open on Highlander100 - Challenge 153 Titllation/Illumination. So, if you feel 'agreeably excited' by the idea of drabbling a bit of Highlander, head over there and have fun!

And if you haven't yet seen the awesome Methos mythos ficlet by [ profile] sparklebutch, go here and enjoy. The underlying idea is fantastic, and like always, the writing quality is mmmmmm tasty!
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Apparently, I went to bed too early last night.
I mean, there was the usual fun to be had in chat, and friendly support enabling a very mushy-brained Cali to get a challenge prompt up to [ profile] highlander100, but today, when I woke up ... SQUEEEE!
If you haven't found it yet, go to [ profile] highlander100 or to [ profile] sparklebutch's journal (starting from here), and mainline the good stuff. I think I'll just go and move permanently into his D/K/M AU.
*goes back to reread* It's an addiction. What can i say.
P.S. Can one get a nightlamp that has the shape of Methos' glowing penis?
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A quick rec : The origins of immortals revealed. With a message from god.
Very good advice it is *nods sagely*.

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