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Duh, of course he does. The button presently attached to my mirror says so, doesn't it?
Also, the synopsis actually sounds worse than anything that I could have assumed by the hints at the I am hoping that actually the one who wrote the synopsis did not bother to find out what really happens in the movie *grins*. And, like I said to [ profile] sparklebutch, the synopsis makes me want to write really horrible mpreg (chants *evil...evil...evil...get thee behind me, pregnant plot bunny*)
calime: Smaug; text: Lurking worm (Methos bed)
*pets cats, bed, computer and virtual f-list* It's soo good to be back home after a long time away. Have uploaded some con pics in a very raw state at (password highlander). Most of those are from the first day, I think [ profile] dresta11 has more from the second.
HLWW7 was a simply fabulous experience for me...meeting all those wonderful people, and the guests, and having time just for enjoyment..I just figured out that actually this was the first trip for at least 12 years that I took solely for having fun, not for any conference, course or similar, and the added benefit of doing it all together with my best's pretty hard to top this kind of experience, but I'll certainly try, in Vancouver next year, maybe *g*. And [ profile] dresta11 has just informed me that she's decided we should go to Germany in August to a music festival, where Marcus Testory is one of the participants *g*. *cough*I do think MT has at least 2 new fans...especially one *points to Dresta*.
I don't think I'll be able to give very thorough con reports, and there are certainly people who can do it better than me.*points to [ profile] pat_t and [ profile] beeej and [ profile] bigtitch and [ profile] lastrega and...* But I'll try ...starting tomorrow, I think.
I'm also deeply grateful to [ profile] pat_t for Noah's Ark that saved me from boredom while sitting in the Oslo Gardermoen airport for 7 hours, and other nice dvds of PW's stints on Bliss and Tides of War...they warmed me in cold Norway, when others went skiing *gg*. And if i follow [ profile] cyberducks example, then I can declare that for a one night stand, I'd take George any time *ggg*. Also, Noah's Ark is mostly quite realistic to a vet's eye, except - believe me - there aren't any so good-looking male colleagues around. That part was definitely an artistic licence, I believe. But one really has to look out with those ostriches...nasty birds *cough*.

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