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May brimstone, hail and the cold fire of seven kinds of hells take the interminable business dinners. Also, curse the early morning meetings. Want.Sleep.Now.
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I hate funerals. For so many reasons.
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Hmph. I am NOT amused. The rat under the ribcage has returned. Or, well, like I was afraid of, the latest high-fever virus has managed to piss off my myocardium. I am not happy. The cardiologist called me 'borderline recidive' *snickers* which at least has a nicely sinister ring to it. Just, well, that means copious ibuprofen consumption (I can see yoghurt consumption rising exponentially), familiar little red pills (only now they're pink, and I don't even get to choose between a red or a blue pill...*snh*) and two weeks with serious exhortation to do nothing. Don't imagine my workplace will be glad, but then, it's not as if I can do anything about it.
Well, I'll be laying around here, then, spitting on the ceiling, after I've managed to shake that bone-deep tiredness. It's god at least that it's not a fullblown myocarditis yet, and if I can do anything about it, it will not become one either. I had quite enough the first time, thank you.
That also means my [ profile] picfor1000 story is going to be late... at first I had zero inspiration, and then I was sick. And now I have not only an idea, but the story is writing itself in my head, but I still have to get it written out of my head *g* and betaed. When I'm less tired, I guess.
Finished watching new dr Who 1st season and started on Torchwood. I can see why one could get fannish about Jack Harkness. Mmm. Cute. My youngest cat has decided to approve, sitting in front of the computer screen and patting captain Jack tenderly with a paw. Heck if I know why.
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Oh, suckage. Saturday brought 'flu, amongst other things. I don't think I've had that high a temp for, like, last 4 years. Ungh. I'm usually a low fever type and anything over 38 C makes me curl up in a corner and feel like half-dying. Well, when I got home from being a timekeeper on local agility competition on Saturday evening, I discovered to my 'delight' that I had a fever of ca 39 C....and spent considerable time under a hot shower with my teeth chattering before I was able to take some paracetamol and crawl to bed. I did manage to put up the new [ profile] highlander100 challenge though, so yay! me.
Now, after 4 days at home I've kinda settled into a pattern - sleep late, putter around, drink insane amounts of honeyed tea, after dinner as fever approaches 38 again drink some Coldrex and therefore feel better in the evening, with a brief respite from the fever. Seems like this might actually be a 'flu, not just any other random upper respiratory ailment:S. I probably got it from a colleague and as far as I know, there is a wave of an illness with similar symptoms going over the whole damn country. Will have doctors appointment on Thursday, but doubt I'll be able to get back to work before mid-next week.
The last time I had a fever that high, it went on into something approaching a pneumonia and after that, a myocarditis. Of course, at that time I was stupid enough to go back to work too early...something I try not to do this time. It might sound surprising, but I actually try not to repeat unpleasant mistakes*gg*.
So, I'll just lie back and watch Holby City eps that I haven't had time for before...while waiting for that "Russian" version of one certain movie *g* to get here. Dan Clifford is a wonderfully interesting character, I must say. And while he is not acting like the Methos we know very often, for some reason I could still very well see Methos acting as Dan Clifford..if it makes sense g*.
Wish I'd cough less though. Diaphragm hurts. Ow.
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Memeage. It's called distraction. Or possibly, procrastination. Or both. )
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OTOH, the Universe delivers love and happiness every day. For example, Peter Wingfield in a silver sleevless top. Dancing. In a wonderful trashy-flashy songvid to Madonna.

Plus, you know what really got me with that songvid? The green-coated docs in the surgery at first, tapping their foot to the music and doind the inappropriate hand gestures. Because, well, *snorfle* I think listening to music while doing surgery tends to be quite universal amongst human and veterinary surgeons. I cannot say anything about real life human med, but as to vets, I've kinda seen/been part of a similar scene for several times. Without the flashy costumes, sure, and only after the surgery's mostly done, but, just, the dancing in green scrubs and stripping to music was damn familiar. *snickers* It may well be of course, that I've just had the luck and joy to work with the wackiest vets in the whole world. But then, it's all to the good. *grins*

And if it turns out that the damn back thingy will be much aggravated by the office job, I'm bloody well going to go back to practice. Not because of the surgery dance possibilities *g* (I'm an internal med kinda gal myself, mostly), but because a)less sedentary work, though maybe not much less backbreaking and b)if one's body gives signals of breaking down in places, it better break down doing what's interesting and what matters. Or something.
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...just saying that I'll get to the top 5 prompts and everyhting, but right now despite large amounts of sleep my head is full of achy wool or something and I haven't been able to do a fucking thing today. Not do worky stuff or cleaning stuff nor even write drabbles that are almost ready to pop in my head. Grrr.
So will just putter around some and sleep some more.
Is it time for winter hibernation yet??


Aug. 7th, 2006 04:02 pm
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Last 24 hours have not been very good, seeing as I've spent a lot of them laying very still and trying not to throw up while every damn bone and muscle in my body aches. Dunno why I need to pick up those silly viruses or whatever that is. Called work sick and went back to bed. Now, it seems that green tea and yoghurt is not killing me.
But, enough of moaning. What I really wanted to say was that the consummate lemming-sheep I am, I've now got a Vox account thanks to [ profile] lithium_doll, and therefore, also 2 Vox invites to anyone who wants to be a lemmingsheep too. Haven't done anything much with the Vox thing yet (with PC dead and the puking thing and all, see), but who knows. And I so know that gods of are so snickering and pointing fingers at me right now.
Excuse me now, I'll crawl back to my green tea.
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Computer apparently seriously fucked up. Motherboard issues, or something. Urgh. Delivered the damn box into the hands of a friendly hairy comp tech who will see if he can diagnose. And tell me what it's gonna cost me to get it repaired. Woe.
Found lj talk. As a) am a sheep and b)have Trillian and subsequently jabber plugin, have joined.
Have a headache. Maybe my motherboard needs to be replaced too.
Still approximately 5 hours before can crawl home to sleep headache off and get back to "Charioteer".


Jul. 23rd, 2006 04:00 pm
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My computer up and died on me last night. After a shortlived agony it's not booting up any more. Which, in a computer, tends to be a rather BAD THING. I tentatively blame the webcam driver I installed, because a) this was the last install I did and b) my dear departed's last words were on the line of serious system error and an unknown driver. Though, of course, it can be something else and far more disastrous. Grrr!
Fortunately, there's a laptop that's not quite mine, but mine to use, so at least the connection to the wide world is reestablished and the digital tv is working again. Meaning I can get my translation done before Monday.
*sigh* I'll drag the pc to work with me tomorrow and ask a coworker to look at it. If all goes well, he manages to get it going and won't die of schock because of my screensaver (which is the super pretty one by Killa and Melina *eg*). If all doesn't go well...I may have to take the 'puter to repairs or something. I'm very glad that my bookmarks are backed up on the foxmarks server...and that most of what I have on my hard drive is reproducible. Some unfinished fic stuff is not...but well, nothing's perfect. I just wish that it hadn't happened right at the time when I'd managed a) to get a bit over 100 hours of music conviniently into the 'puter and b) when I've just spent all spare cash on registering for HLWW8 and paying the stable rent.
On the bright side, I have two laptops I can use meanwhile, and *drum roll* most of the books by Mary Renault I'd ordered have arrived. Thank you very much for reccing them, [ profile] cyberducks and [ profile] my_cnnr! I consoled myself last night with "Charioteer", and of course could not go to sleep until I was halfway through the book... I find myself liking the writing style very much...


Mar. 20th, 2006 09:05 pm
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...the f***ing 'puter devil ate my bookmarks! And just as the Murphy's law would have it, after I had deleted my bookmark file backup from my memstick to make more room for some work-related stuff. Note to self: the universe finds a way to remind one that work is evil. *pouts* If anyone wants me, I'll be over here building up my bookmarks again...grrrr.


Mar. 15th, 2006 12:36 pm
calime: Smaug; text: Lurking worm (woe eeyore) brief, I most likely won't get any internet access before the end of the week, as I'm presently in the middle of nowhere (a very tiny place near the Norwegian/Swedish border) with very limited access to anything, including the internet. It is beautiful here and the weather is sunny, though as it is ca -15 celsius and I'm really not into skiing at all, it's not as enjoyable as it sounds (a bit cold and too bright sun for just walking around). So hopefully I'll get something useful done on my PhD and will try to warm myself with the memories of the con *gg*. I really would not mind the -15 outside or just + 15 in the room where I'm sleeping, but I do resent the fact that the shower water at its best only reaches the temperature of about + 25 celsius...*grrrr*. And it was such a nice spring weather in UK when we left...In regards of shower comfort, I'm definitely looking forward to getting back home.
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...huhh. Will leave shortly for a PhD course in Denmark (hopefully not rotten, and hopefully with a decent availability of internet connections). *whine* I don't wanna..tired,cold...*whine*. Did memes to provide a little relaxation.
memeage )
With that, your True Alternative Basilisk Lunatic will square her shoulders, pick up a backpack and step out into the cold. Hopefully, see ya'll soon.
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My cold-clogged brain does not come up with anything better, despite the application of coffee and a painkiller (at least I can bend my neck again).
Gacked from [ profile] sparklebutch

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A question

Dec. 7th, 2005 11:07 pm
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Well, I've a question. I'm frankly really thrown by the behaviour of the official Highlander store ( I've tried to order twice (as [ profile] crazy4rog generously allowed her address to be listed as a shipping address). It did not work the first time - order was just voided without an explanation. No billing my credit card, nothing.
Tried the second time. On Nov, 3rd. As of today, the order is still listed as 'pending approval', the amount has been voided, no billing my card, no answer to my enquiry by e-mail. Tried calling them today. No luck - first time put on hold and then disconected. Second time get an automated message reciting the times when to call and would I like to leave my name. And [ profile] crazy4rog says it should be 1 p.m. there - so a right time to call. WTF is up?
Anyone, suggestions? Should I cancel the order now, try somewhere else ( and hope they won't wake up and decide to charge me anyway? Should I practice a virtue, namely patience (never had much in me)?
What are your experiences with that place?


Dec. 6th, 2005 06:43 pm
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I want a holiday vacation! Why the hell has all the work sprung up, concentrated and ambushed me right now? Am developing an allergy towards computerized dairy cattle management and European Union (education financing projects especially). If you do not understand a word, I'll just have to say that you are lucky.

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In April I ruled Asscrackistan as a cruel and heartless dictator (-700 points). In July I ate my brussel sprouts (1 points). Last Sunday I bought porn for [ profile] jotribe (10 points). In October I donated bone marrow to [ profile] crazy4rog in a life-saving procedure (300 points). Last Thursday I committed genocide... Sorry about that, [ profile] iris_angel (-5000 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5389 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Oh? Maybe it'll get better...*perks up*.

ETA: The way things seem to be going, I'll probably commit genocide several times all over before Christmas.