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Huh. A stretch of a rather frantic worky time should be over now, or at least I hope so. Meaning that after recuperating, I might be able to return to important things in life, like fandom, and fic and backlog of the aforementioned...well, you get the picture. Also, chat. Which I had withdrawal symptoms of. And the backache might wanna go away, too.
We've been having rather stormy weather around Estonia and Finland and the Baltic sea, with storm warnings, and ship traffic paused, and sea level rising. So far I hear no big damage in the news...and here it's just been howling wind and some snowy slush and beautiful sky with cloud rags screeching over the skyline like maniacs. The beautiful stuff. Makes me half want to be in the summer house by the sea - autumn storms are really beautiful there in some ways. But I sure am glad our storms are just tiny, and we don't get any of those tropical monsters up here.
Also, on an unrelated note, it's so much fun when you discover that someone you've known on the lines of uni and vet profession and stuff knows HL, and not only know, but has once upon a time been fannish about. Even in this small remote corner of the world. Makes one all warm and fuzzy inside. And ready to share the DVDs *grin*.
ETA: In the connection of the abovementioned fact, in chat with [ profile] sparklebutch and [ profile] holde_maid the need for some secure method of ID'ing the fans was put forward. We discussed the relative merits of advanced communicating bracelets (to the betterment of taking over the world) and a tattoo as a marker. We could not decide where the tattoo should be, though. The idea of a dragon on butt has some serious pro factors, as in loyalty, beauty and comfort sense, but could be hard to display. But then, one could always design pants/trousers/skirt with a comfy, see-through window. Hmmm. *Cali contemplates another dragon tattoo* Whaddaya think?

Also, if anyone should ever try to tell you that the concept of 'manana' can only be applied to certain southern-europe-hispanic countries, don't buy it. It's a damn valid concept in certain high-welfare societies situated up north on a rocky peninsula. Believe me, I've experienced it, to my detriment. Argh.

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