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Random tidbit of linguistic variety - in English, the word 'right' means both the direction/side and 'correct, true, proper'.(And I think that Russian has about the same meanings for the equivalent word). The Estonian equivalent, 'parem' also has different meanings, of which one is also of course direction/side, but the second one would, translated to English, mean 'better, superior'. (Also, a word 'pahem' - an older version of the term 'left' consequently also means 'worse'.) I am aware of the quite universal concept of connecting the right side with positive connotations etc, just what makes me wonder is the difference in the 'degrees of goodness' attributed to the 'right-side term' in different languages.*frowns' And in Finnish that's closely related to Estonian, the meanings go again more on the lines of 'right side/true, correct'. I do think that 'parem' is maybe a bit more recent word in the Estonian than 'oikea' is in Finnish, and I dimly recall that maybe some variation of 'õige' was used in Estonian to mark the right side (and that word has a second meaning that corresponds exactly to the English 'right' as in 'correct, true', also, could mean 'straight'). Hmmm. Heh, makes me wonder whether we went from black and white to shades of grey as the times passed? From 'right' to just 'better'?

Also, one can probably deduce from the abovementioned that Cali has been using brain for too much proper work and the brain is rebelling. I finished translating a 73-slide presentation that was very much an emergency-rush-job, so I can sympathise with my brain. It deserves the playtime.

Estonian national TV channel has started with the new Russian screening of Bulgakov's Master and Margareta, which is a miniseries and of which I have heard reviews of high praise. After the first episode tonight I agree, it does seem to be a good one, as far as I can see, it's very much following the book - which I think is a nice change from all those interpretations in different media I've seen. Though, I have loved them all. Should dig the book out again. Pity I cannot read it in Russian (my Russian isn't quite up to reading literature), but the Estonian translation is of a very high quality.

Well, time for some 'badfic with porn' a.k.a. Queer As Folk USA 4th season. The 1st and 3rd season methinks were the best of that so far, though I am now sure that it cannot be in any way compared to the UK version that was witty and crazy and well-written. But, well, as a teenager I did watch several seasons of the Bold and the I guess I can watch a queer equivalent of thereof 15 years later. Just for kicks. Also - is it just my impression, or do maybe the shows with a crappier writing quality and consistency generate the best fanfic? I mean, of course there's crap fanfic out there too, but some of it is far far better than the show itself.

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