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I have three Dreamwidth invites looking for a good home, first come,first served etc *g*. I'll screen the comments, so you can leave the email addresses.


Apr. 20th, 2009 08:48 pm
calime: tartan background, text in the end there can be only a bunch, you know, a smallish group, really very exclusive... (In the end there can be only...)
This is just to announce that as I got lucky (read: my openID account got an invite in the draw) I am now also calime on Dreamwidth. I do plan to purchase a paid account there come April 30th and open beta launch, and then I'll likely let my LJ paid status lapse for good. I'll see whwther I'll keep crossposting my few posts to IJ, LJ and Dw, or maybe just post links to DW posts, but DW interface makes crossposting even easier than Semagic, so..
I don't expect there will be a tremendous exodus from LJ to DW, though maybe more people will move than did to IJ, but I don't really see the problem of having three (or four, counting JF) reading lists to check daily - I'll probably divide stuff into 'read on IJ' and 'read on DW' etc. I read several different sites daily anyway, and I'm very glad of the Firefox Morning Coffee addon *grin*.
In general, so far I do like the DW interface best, though.

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