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2006-08-07 04:02 pm
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Last 24 hours have not been very good, seeing as I've spent a lot of them laying very still and trying not to throw up while every damn bone and muscle in my body aches. Dunno why I need to pick up those silly viruses or whatever that is. Called work sick and went back to bed. Now, it seems that green tea and yoghurt is not killing me.
But, enough of moaning. What I really wanted to say was that the consummate lemming-sheep I am, I've now got a Vox account thanks to [ profile] lithium_doll, and therefore, also 2 Vox invites to anyone who wants to be a lemmingsheep too. Haven't done anything much with the Vox thing yet (with PC dead and the puking thing and all, see), but who knows. And I so know that gods of are so snickering and pointing fingers at me right now.
Excuse me now, I'll crawl back to my green tea.