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...or what [ profile] sparklebutch and [ profile] calime33, using their magic divining powers, discovered in chat:

Adam: I got explanation:
Adam: in the future, some lameass geek writes a scifi-fantasy idea
Adam: through a hole in time, it travels back
Adam: read by some people as the "god sent" or otherwise other-worldly text that it is
Adam: and they live by it
Cali: Murphys law no 9999: there is always a hole in spacetime continuum for lameass ideas?
Adam: when the future-point arrives again, the geek doesnt write it, because it's already a long cliche story
Cali: hehe
Adam: and thats why immies self-destruct as a race.
Adam: to sort the paradox
Cali: they all grab heads, get that silly look and moan oh my god, we've all been wrong and die?
Cali: of embarrassment?
Cali: I bet Methos doesn't
Adam: why not.
Cali: he'll sit back eat popcorn and be amused
Adam: some PTB should, though.
Adam: and then Methos is left the only one
Cali: and denies having anything to do with it
Adam: and writes the story
Adam: and sends it through time
Cali: yes!!
Adam: so there can be ENDLESS sequels and remakes
Cali: exactly
Adam: I like our explanation
Cali: we rock
* Cali says, satisfied

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