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... a.k.a. pay no attention, Cali rambles about nothing new. It happens sometimes when thinking catches me unaware. Terribly emo of me. )

If it continues this way, I might even write something fanficcy sometime. I mean, try to channel the flow of the logorrhoea from brain to itchy fingertips into something more ... coherent? Universally useful? Which would probably be good for me. Yes, I really don't think much about poor innocent bystanders who might happen to read the results ... it's all about my satisfaction *g*. Sorry. I never said I was nice, did I?
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..or, May, the Merry Month of Masturbation. As usual, I'm blaming [ profile] sparklebutch (he always gets blamed for everything good that happens, you see).[ profile] sparklebutch had a very credible theory that general sickness and ill-feeling may be due to the fact that gods are angered by insufficient sacrifices of masturbation porn. With that encouragement, I tried to be a good little girl and wrote something vaguely porny and definitely masturbatory. I'm very grateful to [ profile] cinder1013 for beta. Everything that's wrong is my fault. Also, weirdly enough, the characters are original, for what they're worth *grins*.
Looky, Cali wrote pr0n. Or something. )

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